DeviQA Case Study: Retail Operations Platform
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Retail Operations Platform

Mobile Apps, Web Apps

Project Overview

What Retail Operations Platform had in the testing processes when they came to us and what they got after they started working with us.

Before improvement

Lack of test cases
Improper testing of new features before release
Absence of a consistent QA process - stories and epics were tested by managers and developers
There were a lot of post-release bugs

After improvement

A full scope of test documentation was created
Specifications were updated with clear acceptance criteria
Early bug detection was ensured as the QA team got to work at the development stage
Web-platform and iOS/Android apps are totally covered with test cases, and their number continues to increase as the project is evolving. Such high test coverage immensely improves product quality
Full support of all the widely used browsers and mobile devices
Bugs reported
Test-cases designed
Average number of tests during release
Percent of bugs are caught before release to production
QA Team:
3 Senior AQA Engineers
Project length:
1+ year
Technologies & Tools
Android Studio
Jira Atlassian
App center

The Challenge

The project is an application for the easy management of points of sale. It lets to improve communication across the teams, streamline operations, optimize performance, and empower data-driven business decisions.

The project involves both Web and Mobile applications.

The problem our team faced was a total absence of an adequate QA process and a significant bias towards development and management. As long as QA engineers were not engaged, software was tested by managers and developers during the time remaining to release.


A comprehensive QA process was designed and implemented. All the required test documentation was thoroughly designed, and close collaboration with a development team was established.

A comprehensive test suite was created to cover the entire app functionality with tests.

The new and previously created functionality is thoroughly tested and bugs are detected before proceeding to the stage of preparation for release.

The use of such tools as TestRail and Jira Atlassian help to effectively manage test cases and bug reports. The team reported dozens of UI / UX, functional, and non-functional issues as well as provided numerous recommendations on product improvements, most of which were implemented.

Each new version of the Android/iOS app is comprehensively tested on various mobile devices. Close attention is paid to proper synchronization with the Web platform, corresponding tests are conducted before and after each release.

Services Provided

Functional tests are executed on either real mobile devices or emulators and simulators in order to cover as many devices as possible.

Mobile Apps

The whole variety of the tests are executed before product release. Regression testing covers all the critical functionality to prevent the appearance of blocking bugs on production. Compatibility testing ensures that the platform works properly whatever browser or OS users use.

Web Apps