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Today, ERP software is a crucial part of success for many companies across a wide range of domains. Software of this type assists with the planning and management of diverse day-to-day processes within an organization. It considerably improves efficiency and collaboration by streamlining procurement, accounting, project management, customer relationship management, supply chain, and many more.

ERP software development is a great idea and a smart investment, but it is also a big commitment. As a rule, ERP software is rather complicated and its development is associated with different challenges in terms of multiple integrations with third-party systems, security risks, performance, regulatory compliance, etc. Misconfigurations and poor implementation can significantly affect user experience.

So to build a state-of-the-art ERP solution, ensure a high return on investment, and gain desired results it is essential to perform comprehensive software testing.

DeviQA is one of the leading software testing companies and can provide you with superior 360-degree testing services for all types of ERP systems including custom, on-premise, cloud-based, and hybrid ones across diverse verticals.

Benefits of ERP Testing

ERP testing is a complex of testing activities aimed at ensuring the smooth operation of an ERP solution in accordance with requirements.

Without holistic ERP testing, there is a high risk of implementation failure. As well as software of any other type, an enterprise resource planning system may have defects some of which, while not being detected in the early stages of development, can cost you a lot and cause plenty of problems.

By testing ERP, you can be confident in getting desired results. QA experts will check every single aspect of ERP software work and identify bugs, risks, weaknesses, and gaps.

All in all, ERP testing ensures:


Seamless work of ERP functionalities

ERP test covers a vast majority of features that your ERP solution offers. Functionality is one of the main aspects that employees evaluate while using an enterprise resource planning tool. Therefore, it is of utter importance to test every single feature and ensure its smooth work.


The right data flow

The most diverse company departments use an ERP solution to collect, keep, manage, and share the most diverse data. Among others, ERP testing services also check data integrity and the right data flow due to which users can be sure of the data accuracy.


Rocket-solid security

Far too often ERP systems contain various sensitive data due to which they are at high risk of cyberattacks. A comprehensive ERP test suggests the execution of security checks in order to identify security flaws and loopholes before smart hackers can use them to get access to your data.


High performance

Hardly can an ERP solution take off in case it works slowly and constantly crashes. ERP testing services take care of the speed, robustness, stability, and scalability of ERP software due to which the risk of downtime is reduced while user satisfaction increases.


Excellent user-friendliness

ERP testing is also essential for ensuring the great usability of the software and an awesome user experience. The thing is that users should have no difficulties while interacting with your ERP solution. QA specialists carry out a few rounds of tests with a target group to make sure that the system is intuitive and clear enough.

ERP Testing Services We Offer

To ensure the top quality of ERP systems, the DeviQA team checks them inside out with the help of manual and automation testing. Consequently, our ERP testing services include a great variety of tests:

Functional testing

We carefully test every feature and functionality of an ERP solution to be sure that they work according to the requirements.

Compatibility testing

We execute compatibility testing to check whether an ERP app works equally well across diverse devices, different versions of browsers, and various operating systems. This pushes overall software quality and user experience.

Integration testing

ERP solutions usually connect with the most diverse systems - accounting software, supply management systems, customer relationship management tools, etc. Our QA specialists execute integration testing to make sure that all these systems interact with your ERP software in the right way. It helps to avoid possible downtime and mitigate security risks.

Performance testing

We execute the whole scope of performance tests - stress testing, load testing, volume testing, soak testing, etc. - to ensure the high speed, stability, robustness, and scalability of an ERP system.

Security testing

Our security engineers carry out a rich set of security tests to make sure that only authorized users can access an ERP system. In case certain security gaps or weaknesses are identified they immediately report on them and provide corresponding recommendations.

Usability testing

In the course of the ERP test, we execute usability testing to make sure that an ERP solution is really convenient and easy to use. End users should be able to quickly understand the way system works and use it on the fly.

Data integrity testing

ERP software usually handles huge amounts of data. We test all data for integrity through incoming and outcoming data validation. Here we check its type, format, and structure. In such a way, users can be confident in the accuracy of the data in the ERP system and use it to make informed decisions.

Compliance testing

Depending on the domain, an ERP solution can be subject to certain state regulations like HIPAA, SoS, etc. Our experts test your ERP system for compliance with the corresponding regulations which can help you avoid a lot of problems including heavy penalties.

Acceptance testing

Acceptance testing is carried out after all the other tests. Still, it plays an important role as its aim is to check whether an ERP system complies with the business requirements and is ready to be delivered to end users.

Our Process of ERP Testing

As a rule, our ERP test workflow consists of the following steps:


Study and analysis of requirements

Our specialists get acquainted with your business flows and project requirements as well as define goals and success criteria.


ERP test planning

To get desired results it is important to have a test plan at hand. We define the scope of ERP testing, evaluate test automation feasibility, decide on the most appropriate tech stack, estimate required time and resources, identify potential risks, etc.


Test case design and test script writing

QA experts design a rich suite of test cases both positive and negative that simulate diverse real-life scenarios. We strive to cover with tests as many scenarios as possible. If test automation has been considered relevant corresponding test scripts are written.


Test environment setup

The accuracy of an ERP test depends greatly on the rightly set up test environment. The main task here is to make it as similar to a production environment as possible.


Test running and bug reporting

Now it is time to check an ERP solution against pre-written test cases. Whenever a test result does not match an expected result, QA specialists create a bug report.


Analysis and reporting

As soon as the whole scope of tests has been executed, our team analyses the test results and prepares a comprehensive test report.

Why Choose DeviQA for ERP Testing

Rich experience

DeviQA has been in the business for over a decade and can boast of rich expertise. Our team has dealt with a number of different ERP projects, and it knows how to set up an efficient QA process that will help you deliver an outstanding ERP solution.

Rich talent pool

We have an army of seasoned and knowledgeable automation QA engineers and manual testers who are well-versed in all types of software testing and can provide you with all-around ERP testing services.

Expertise across diverse domains

Our QA specialists have expertise in the most diverse domains, while deep domain expertise is of primary importance when it comes to testing ERP. Wide range of testing services

Rich experience lets us provide full-fledged ERP testing services. Our QA team can set up a smooth QA process from scratch, design all required test documentation, execute the whole scope of manual and automated tests, and handle any QA-related issue.

Staying up-to-date

Keeping up with the latest testing technologies and quality assurance tendencies is important for us. Our QA engineers master brand-new testing tools and frameworks to provide state-of-the-art ERP test solutions.

Personal approach

Every ERP solution is unique as it is based on a particular business logic and has a different architecture, set of functions, third-party integrations, etc. Therefore, we thoroughly study every ERP project and come up with a tailor-made test strategy in order to provide the best possible results.

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