Application Testing for Audio Editing Platform
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Application Testing for Audio Editing Platform

Mar. 2019 - Apr. 2020

Application Testing for Audio Editing Platform

Project Summary

DeviQA provided application testing services for an audio editing platform. The team was responsible for continuously testing the UI and functionality of the platform via an automated testing framework.


"It was a pleasure to work with them and we would recommend them as test automation experts."

MAY 18, 2020







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Feedback summary

The engagement met the expectations of the internal team, resulting in an easy to maintain testing framework. DeviQA establishes a smooth workflow through consistent communication. The team leverages their technical expertise and experience to produce quality results.

Reviewer Position

QA Manager, Descript


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Application Testing for Audio Editing Platform

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DeviQA was brought on board to develop an automation framework and write and maintain tests for our Electron/JS app. Features included STT/TTS, audio file processing, media file compatibility, export formats, text and audio editing, and general UI functions.


The scope of our project was to implement and maintain an automated testing framework for our desktop application on an ongoing basis. Technical requirements were CI integration, UI functional testing across media types, formats, upload/download, text and audio editing, authentication workflows. I joined the company after DeviQA stated working with us, and we eventually made the decision to adapt our QA model to in-house. Regardless, I worked with them for 3 months in a management capacity, depending on their team for nightly test builds and results, bug reports, and fast turnaround on regression testing. The DeviQA team was responsible for following new features and code changes made in our repos and quickly automating test cases and ensuring test coverage for new and existing features. They were in charge of test case organization, designing and implementing the testing framework, and integrating it with our CI system (Jenkins).