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It is a well-known fact that software testing is an essential part of any software development process. Modern test automation solutions are aimed at further acceleration and simplification of testing along with better efficiency and higher test coverage. WebdriverIO is considered to be rather new, still, it has proved itself as helpful and convenient. Such famous brands as Google, Netflix, Microsoft, and Hilton have leveraged it for a reason. The DeviQA team has also armed itself with this framework and delivers excellent WebdriverIO automation testing services.

Automation testing with WebdriverIO

WebdriverIO is a next-generation Node.js-based test automation framework for JavaScript. It is suitable for testing web applications as well as native mobile applications empowered by iOS and Android. Besides, this framework is also appropriate for both BDD and TDD.

Test scripts are developed in JS with the use of the WebdriverIO lib. As for the service requests, they are submitted through NodeJS in the form of HTTP commands.

The WebdriverIO test runner comes in tandem with a convenient command line interface offering a great configuration utility for the quick creation of a config file. It also provides information on all available third-party framework adaptations, reporters, diverse services, etc. It also installs them if needed.

It is also worth mentioning that WebdriverIO supports integrations to Chrome DevTools and Google Lighthouse, which are widely used developer tools.

Benefits of test automation with WebdriverIO

WebdriverIO is rather popular within the software testing community. This framework stands out from the rest due to a number of advantages that it has. We offer to consider some of them in order to understand why it is worth attention.

Extendability due to easy adding of helper functions and more complex combinations of available commands

Efficient cross-browser testing due to running on the WebDriver Protocol

An opportunity for Chromium-based automation with Puppeteer thanks to running on Chrome DevTools Protocol

Uncomplicated syntax and concise test scripts

Availability of numerous plugins allowing easy integration and extension for the fulfillment of all requirements

Suitability for testing both web apps and mobile apps

Easier testing because of the ability to create your own custom commands

Support of leading test runners

Integration with commonly used CI/CD tools

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How we work

As a rule, our workflow consists of the following steps:

A thorough study of project specs and requirements

Making a decision on the scope of automation testing

Selection of the most appropriate tools for automation

Working on test plan, test design, and test strategy

Setting up required test environment

Development of automated test scripts

Execution of test scripts

Analysis and reporting

Why choose DeviQA for WebdriverIO automation testing

DeviQA is a software testing company that has years of experience and offers superior services of manual and automated testing. Our automation QA engineers are real professionals. They can introduce the automation testing process from scratch and select the most appropriate tech stack in accordance with the peculiarities of your project. Consequently, they have rich expertise in working with a great variety of automation testing tools including WebdriverIO. Apart from mastery of WebdriverIO, there are plenty of other reasons to hire DeviQA:

Brilliant automation QA engineers

Heavy use of the most cutting-edge technologies and advanced techniques

Commitment and responsibility

Quick onboarding

Meeting deadlines

Affordable rates

Efficient communication and collaboration

Comprehensive reporting

Extensive domain expertise

High customer satisfaction, and many more

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