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Performance testing evaluates software operation under varying loads. It has great significance due to helping to optimize resource utilization, increase scalability, minimize downtime, ensure great user satisfaction, prevent revenue loss, and establish a positive brand reputation. Catering to various industries, such as Healthcare, FinTech, Real Estate, Cybersecurity, Retail, AdTech, etc., we offer a wide range of quality assurance services, including performance testing. If you want to be confident in the seamless work of your applications, even during peak seasons when exceptionally high user traffic is noticed, apply for our performance testing services.

When Do You Need Performance Testing Services?

Don't leave the success of your business to chance! The neglect of performance testing poses numerous risks. Secure your success by availing yourself of our performance testing services.

At the development phase

Optimize your software right from the very beginning. With our performance testing services, you can detect and resolve potential bottlenecks during the development phase, collecting performance metrics to ensure your software meets requirements.

Before a scheduled update release

Planning a software update? Ensure seamless app operation with our performance testing services. We evaluate the impact of updates, securing high performance with each release.

When experiencing performance issues

If your app cannot handle growing traffic and you receive numerous complaints from your users about low app performance, it is high time to execute performance testing. Experts in performance testing can collect diverse metrics, detect issues, identify their root causes, and propose efficient improvements.

When incorporating new features into the system

Integrate new features seamlessly without compromising speed or stability. Our performance testing services ensure each addition enhances your system's overall performance.

When implementing significant changes to the system

Undergoing a major system overhaul? Let us execute performance testing to identify and address potential gaps, ensuring a smooth transition and sustained peak performance.

Performance Testing Services

With DeviQA, you can be sure that your software is not only feature-rich, but also operates seamlessly under diverse workloads. Our performance testing services empower you to provide a superior user experience, regardless of your app's complexity.

Load Testing

Ensure the stability of your application under both normal and peak loads. Our Load Testing solutions replicate real-world user loads, offering insights into your system's performance under various traffic scenarios.

Stress Testing

Reveal the breaking points of your application by subjecting it to extreme loads. Our Stress Testing identifies benchmarks, providing a clear understanding of your software's capabilities.

Volume Testing

Evaluate the scalability of your application's database and infrastructure. Our Volume Testing services assess how well your system can handle large volumes of data, ensuring it remains responsive and efficient as your business expands.

Scalability Testing

Prepare your application for growth by evaluating its ability to scale horizontally or vertically. Our Scalability Testing identifies potential bottlenecks and ensures your system can seamlessly expand to meet increased demand.

Soak Testing

Assess the sustained performance of your application over an extended period. Soak Testing helps uncover issues that may arise as your app experiences usual loads for an extended time.

Spike Testing

Evaluate how well your application handles sudden spikes in user activity resulting from a marketing campaign or an unforeseen event. Our Spike Testing ensures your system can gracefully manage sudden increases in user traffic without compromising performance.

Choose Your Cooperation Model

We understand that every business is unique, and that's why we offer flexible collaboration models tailored to meet your specific needs. Choose the option that aligns perfectly with your requirements and accelerates your performance testing journey.

Staff Augmentation

It's a flexible model that lets you augment your in-house capabilities with specialized expertise.

  • Best Option For: Projects with fluctuating testing demands or projects requiring specific skills for performing important but short-term tasks.

  • No need to hire full-time employees for short-term needs.

  • Quickly scale your testing team up or down as needed.

  • Benefit from the expertise of seasoned professionals.

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Dedicated Team

A dedicated QA team works as an extension of your in-house team, while fully adhering to your policies, processes, and culture.

  • Best Option For: Long-term projects that require continuous and dedicated testing efforts.

  • Integrate a committed team focused solely on your project.

  • Assemble a team based on project requirements.

  • Directly manage and control your dedicated team.

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Our team handles everything from test planning and test execution to reporting, allowing you to focus on your core business functions.

  • Best Option For: Businesses that seek a hands-off approach by delegating the entire testing process to a professional service provider.

  • Enjoy lower operational costs compared to maintaining an in-house team.

  • Leverage the specialized skills of a dedicated testing provider.

  • Focus on your core business tasks while we manage a testing process.

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Partner with DeviQA: see the difference

Test coverage :



2.5 weeks to run regression testing

1 day to run regression testing

7 days to run smoke testing

1 day to run smoke testing

Outdated test cases

60% increase in the number of regression tests and relevant test cases

50% test coverage

90% test coverage

Supported localizations were not tested

27 localizations supported by QA engineers

No automation testing

>1500 automated test scenarios created

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Dev capacity:



Didn’t have a formal QA process

Built smooth and well-working processes

Didn’t make automated testing

Test automation : smoke, API, UI on all supported browsers

Testing was carried out by the devs

Full coverage of the application by test cases

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Test coverage :



Existing workflow in Jira didn’t allow to understand how many bugs were left unfixed before the release and their priorities

Adjusted the Jira workflow, integrated TestRail with Jira to be able to see statisticls of the issues per release

The lack of test documentation

Developed necessary test artifacts that adhere to industry standards and are easily maintainable

No Automation test coverage

Added multithreading to run tests in parallel on 10 different threads, which reduced the time of the test run in 7 times

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