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DeviQA is a leading software testing company that has served clients of all sizes across different industries. Our team knows all ins and outs of software testing and renders top-notch performance testing as a service. Our specialists are ready to assist you to ensure reliability, robustness, responsiveness, and consistent performance whether you have a web or mobile application, while our gamut of performance testing services includes all types of performance tests.

As followers of the shift-left approach, we can help your team ensure high software performance right from the early stages of your software development. Our QA specialists provide valuable recommendations on performance optimization based on comprehensive testing and analysis. If you would like to integrate performance testing into your DevOps model and CI/CD pipeline to discover bottlenecks early on, we can also have you covered.

To let you evaluate our performance testing services and leave no room for doubt, DeviQA is ready to offer you a free trial period. We have every confidence that you will have got convinced of our complete professionalism by the end of the trial period.

Why do you need software performance testing?

Performance testing is a non-functional type of software testing that plays a significant role in successful business operations and great user experience. Negligence of software performance testing never goes unnoticed and comes with a great risk of undermining your commercial goals. So let’s have a closer look at the main reasons to pay particular attention to performance testing:

Real-time performance insight

In the course of performance testing, realistic user scenarios are identified and run, and diverse load levels are simulated. Due to this, you can get insights into your software capabilities in terms of performance and its behavior in real time while being subject to different levels of loads.

Prevention of software crashes

A continuously growing number of software users and high traffic contributes to business success. However, it can result in real catastrophe if your software is not ready for this.

Application downtime caused by the increased traffic affects your customer loyalty and damages your reputation. Moreover, just a few minutes of software downtime can cost you a few thousand dollars.

Performance testing service ensures the sound working of your software under diverse loads as its key mission is to identify performance issues and offer insights on the efficient way to fix them before a release.

Ensuring appropriate response time

These days, users are rather demanding, picky, and less tolerant of long response times. The well-known research of Google has revealed that if an app does not load within 5 seconds, there is more than a 100% probability of its abundance and searching for another one.

Software performance testing, in turn, helps to mitigate this risk by ensuring proper response time.

Great app scaling

As your cherished business evolves, new customizations and modifications of an application can cause performance bottlenecks. They should not be neglected as your app should be able to scale to let you extend your business. While being automated, performance testing lets a QA team catch such problems as the application grows, effectively mitigate the risks related to scaling up, and focus on other important aspects of software testing.

Excellent user experience

Comprehensive performance testing helps to build future-proof software that is responsive, scalable, and consistent. In turn, this ensures high user satisfaction, which leads to higher traffic, retention rate, and sales.

High revenue

At the end of the day, high revenue is the key goal of any business. Performance testing significantly contributes to stable software operation and exceptional user experience which in turn provides the generation of high revenue. So performance testing services are among the key success factors.

Spotless reputation

Software performance immensely impacts brand trust and customer loyalty. Interacting with your application, users form their opinion on your brand in general. Crashes, downtime, and slow loading are not what users expect from a decent application. If you want to establish a solid reputation from the very beginning, performance testing services are among the numerous important facets that you should take into account.

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Our approach to performance testing

We make no secret of our approach to software performance testing to let our Clients understand the way we work. Here are the key steps that we take in the course of performance testing:


Software analysis and requirements collection

To come up with an appropriate and efficient performance testing strategy it is important to study and analyze an application under tests, its features, peculiarities, backend structure, operation mode, etc. Gained information helps to identify the most important user behavior patterns, decide on the necessary amount of test data, find system bottlenecks, etc. Besides our experts get acquainted with your requirements to define success criteria. In these terms, we need to know your desired upper threshold value of concurrent users, desired response time, CPU usage, memory usage, disk space usage, network usage, number of transactions per second, etc.


Performance testing planning

Good planning is half the battle. At this stage, we assemble a testing team, decide on the optimal load model and appropriate performance testing tool, identify proper performance test scenarios, define the most important performance test metrics and requirements for a test environment, and consider many more aspects of performance testing.


Performance test script development

Performance test scripts are developed on the ground of the chosen user scenarios.


Test environment configuration and test data generation

Test environment configuration is an important step in the process of performance testing and requires the utmost attention. It is crucial to create a test environment that replicates a production environment as much as possible. Therefore, the software, hardware, database, and network are configured in a corresponding way. Apart from that, our specialists also work on generating test data that also plays a significant role.


Execution of performance testing

Finally, it is time to run written test scripts. During the test execution, the team monitors and collects app performance data for further analysis. It is needed to define whether an application is indeed able to handle the traffic load efficiently and to find out what and where should be optimized to provide great software scalability.


Test run analysis and reporting

Our experts thoroughly study and analyze data received in the course of performance testing. The test run results, revealed issues and vulnerabilities, as well as recommendations on performance optimization, are submitted to a Client and the rest of their team.


App retesting

The software undergoes retesting after the performance problems are eliminated and optimizations are implemented. Collected metrics are compared with the ones that have been received before.

Standard Process of Performance Testing

In a nutshell, a standard process of performance testing looks like the following algorithm:


Backend structure analysis


Familiarization with the processes


API request creation for testing


Concurrent run of API calls in 100/1000/10000 threads


Collection of performance metrics


Analysis of test run outcomes


Test report generation

Results of Performance Testing

Valuable insight into your software behavior when it works under diverse loads

Knowledge about the precise limit of users that can access your software synchronously without loss in software speed and quality

Knowledge of other common metrics like response time, average load time, requests per second, etc

A defect tracking log that significantly facilitates the process of defect fixing and its management

Utter understanding of existing performance bottlenecks in your software and the efficient ways to handle them

Analysis of your software performance KPIs demonstrated via graphs and tables

A set of reusable performance test scripts to monitor software performance on a regular basis

Types of Performance Testing

Performance testing is rather sophisticated and covers a wide range of diverse tests. As DeviQA provides performance testing as a service, it can help you with the execution of all types of performance testing. So let’s consider them in detail:


Load testing

Load testing is executed to evaluate app behavior while the load is continuously increased without exceeding the upper level.


Stress testing

Stress testing is executed in the same way as load testing. However, in this case, the load goes far beyond the usual norm. With its help, a QA team determines breaking points, checks software performance during failure, and ensures the ability of the software to recover easily after it.


Volume testing

Volume testing helps to evaluate the work of an application as the data volume in its database is enhanced to the upper level. The main purpose here is to ensure the ability of the software to efficiently deal with huge volumes of data.


Scalability testing

Scalability testing checks whether an application can smoothly work under increased processing power and architectural changes.


Soak testing

Soak testing is carried out to ensure the stable operation of an application as it undergoes the usual level of load for a long stretch of time. In other words, it helps to provide the 24/7 availability of an application as a usual average number of users leverage it.


Spike testing

Spike testing is one more type of performance testing that checks software behavior as the loads are rapidly, considerably, and repeatedly increased. These loads are short-term but go far beyond the usual level.



How quickly an application responds


The maximum load that the application can handle


The ability of the application to run smoothly under high load

Why Hire DeviQA For Execution of Performance Testing

World-class performance testing specialists

As a performance testing company, DeviQA has highly skilled and seasoned QA engineers with deep expertise in different types of performance testing. By executing a holistic set of tests they can provide you with an all-around view of actual software performance under usual, long-term, and extremely high loads, including such metrics as response time, throughput, disk utilization, hits per second, latency, connect time, breaking points, etc.

A rich suite of software performance testing services

As has been already mentioned, DeviQA has QA specialists with a varied background and expertise in the most diverse types of performance testing. Due to this, the company offers a plethora of software performance testing services, including comprehensive performance testing of websites, web applications, mobile apps, and application programmer interfaces, monitoring of software performance, software performance consulting, load testing, stress testing, soak testing, and many more.

The efficient use of all leading testing tools

Our experts heavily use a great variety of top open-source and commercial performance testing tools including Apache JMeter, Load Runner, Locust, WebLOAD, Silk Performer, Rational Tester, and others. This lets us be flexible, provide outstanding performance testing solutions, and offer top-notch software performance testing services.

Cost saving

Our experts detect performance issues in a timely manner. Due to this you can be confident in the high quality of your software and avoid possible expenses related to software crashes and downtime.

Comprehensive performance testing reports

At DeviQA, performance testing specialists execute a wide range of tests and generate complete and clear testing reports containing detected performance bottlenecks, performance metrics, and helpful recommendations on performance optimization based on comprehensive analysis.

Ongoing self-improvement

We have been in the business for a long time to clearly understand that ongoing learning is a surefire way to be in a winning position and completely satisfy our Clients. Therefore, our team never rests on its laurels. We regularly train and gain new knowledge about performance testing to prove our reputation as the best performance testing company.

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