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Nowadays, automated testing is more than just a boon but a necessity. Software solutions are getting more and more sophisticated enabling people to solve more complex tasks. Consequently, the approach to testing has changed as well. It should be more efficient, accurate, and fast. Watir is a tool for test automation that can perfectly perform this mission. The DeviQA specialists, in turn, know how to use it in the right way in order to gain desired results.

Watir automation testing

Watir can be defined as a Ruby library used to automate the testing of web apps across different web browsers. In essence, Watir is an abbreviation for ‘Web Application Testing in Ruby’.

The great thing about Watir is that although it supports the Ruby language for test writing, it is still suitable for any web application regardless of the language and technology used for its development.

Watir interacts with a browser in the same manner as real users do by imitating clicking links, filling in forms, pressing buttons, and others. Its range of supported web browsers includes Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

Using this open-source, powerful tool, QA specialists can create easily readable and maintainable automated tests.

Benefits of Watir test automation

Numerous QA teams across the globe widely use Watir. Its popularity can be explained by its helpfulness and multiple benefits. We have completed a list of the most important advantages of Watir to let you get a general idea about this solution. Let’s have a look at it.

It is free and open-source

Lightweight and user-friendliness

The ability to wait for a page to load

Support of headless browser execution

Support of the page object design pattern

Easily maintainable tests

Fast and stable test execution

The ability to find elements by their tag names, IDs, labels, or values

Support of different web browsers on diverse platforms

Suitability for all web applications irrespective of the technology leveraged for their development

The ability to run tests on Cloud using such tools as LambdaTest

The in-built libraries for taking screenshots, checking the page performance, testing alerts, etc.

Reduction of the automated testing cost

Faster and easier debugging

Our Watir test automation services

Our QA experts can help you to implement and fine-tune the process of automation testing. Beyond that, the following services are offered with regard to the nature and capabilities of Watir:


Automated web app testing


Automated regression testing


Automated cross-browser testing

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Why hire DeviQA for Watir test automation

At the very beginning, DeviQA set the bar very high. To meet the highest standards, our team has been continuously gaining new skills and knowledge. To meet the needs of our clients and deliver excellent results our automation QA engineers use the most diverse tools and solutions. Watir is one of them. DeviQA has brilliant Watir experts on the team who know how to get the most out of the tool and its capabilities. If Watir test automation is what you are looking for, we can have you covered. These are not just empty words because there are plenty of reasons to entrust this task to us:

Highly proficient and seasoned automation QA engineers

Complete dedication

Work without procrastination

Close and transparent communication

Compliance with terms and conditions of a non-disclosure agreement

Hands-on experience in working with varied tools

Keeping up with the latest technologies and industry trends

High-end automation testing services at an affordable price

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