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Cucumber was designed with BDD in mind and with the aim to serve its goals. BDD or Behavior Driven Development suggests the implementation of crucial acceptance test scenarios in the course of a development process. If that is the way you want to go, DeviQA is ready to help you reach your final destination and launch an astounding application with the help of Cucumber automation testing.

App automation testing with Cucumber

Cucumber is a widely-used, open-source, and helpful framework that is leveraged for writing acceptance tests for diverse web applications in terms of the behavior of their functionalities.

Cucumber test automation entails the use of two important files. The first one is a feature file with a detailed description of a test scenario written in Gherkin, i.e. plain English. Due to this, even non-technical team members like business analysts or project managers can easily read and write it. The second one is a step definition file containing an actual test code written in one of the supported programming languages. Originally, Cucumber was based on Ruby, but currently, a variety of other languages can be used. So Cucumber reads the scenario written in the feature file and compares it with the step definition file. If it all fits together, the test case is executed and Cucumber provides a result.

Advantages of test automation with Cucumber

Cucumber is considered to be one of the most popular test automation frameworks in the world and for good reasons. It has a bulk of advantages simplifying the work of QA engineers and optimizing the whole QA process. Let’s review some of them:

Focus on end-user experience

The ability to carry out end-to-end testing

Support of all the leading languages like JS, Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, Perl, etc.

Seamless integration with diverse frameworks and testing tools including Selenium, TestING, Spring, RoR, Watir, JUnit, Capybara, etc.

The straightforward architecture of test scripts

Test code reusability

Encouraged collaboration between business and technical stakeholders

Fast and easy setup of the testing environment.

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DeviQA is known as a reliable provider of software testing services. We take what we do indeed seriously. Moreover, we are passionate about our work which, in turn, is reflected in our professional approach. If you admire behavior-driven development, the DeviQA team can harness the power of Cucumber to help you gain the best possible results and hit the market with an app of exceptional quality. Rest assured that we can have you totally covered; these are not leaves without figs. There are many reasons to team up with us:

Huge experience in quality assurance and automation testing

Rich expertise in working with Cucumber and a great variety of other testing tools and frameworks

Complete commitment and responsibility

Fast and painless onboarding process

Highly skilled automation QA engineers and manual testers

Strict adherence to all the terms and conditions of an NDA

Transparent and efficient communication

Detailed and clear reporting

Keeping up with modern technological advances and the latest industry trends

Cost-efficient testing solutions without compromising on quality

Adjustment to any time zone.

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