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Full Cycle Testing Services

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What is Full-Cycle Testing?

Full-cycle testing of the software means involvement a team of QA specialists in the early stages of its development and ends at the software deployment stage. Our company provides software quality assurance and quality control services for over 10 years.

Why to do Full Life-Cycle testing with us?


Full transparency of quality assurance life cycle

DeviQA uses the methods and approaches, ensuring transparency in the process at all stages of development. We aimed at being as open as possible for our customers, and they give us good feedback for our job.


Deep and smart life cycle testing

The process can be conducted in a variety of ways. We met many clients who has in-house QA teams, but the application itself was of a pitiable quality. Many problems exist like low qualification of QA engineers, checking on the surface without analysis, lack of regression testing, and near bugs area verification. QA team should completely understand the application logic and be able to carry out a deep software testing with subsequent analysis of the results prior to reporting the bugs to avoid useless risks and to increase the application quality, and at the same time, it is necessary to follow the correct QA process.


Complete and clear software QA life cycle Testing results

Clear and well-presented final results allow a customer to understand the full picture of the application quality and to ensure the development and budget control. This will allow making effective managerial decisions along with our recommendations.


Easy integration into Dev process

QA approach, which we are developing among other options, is distinguished by essential and easy integration into the full Dev process. Communication with dev team is always in a polite and cultural way. Our team continuously provides friendly and cultural communication. Bug reports are self-sufficient, contain screenshots and videos aimed to understanding an issue at the first time of reading. A developer neither spends time uselessly to reproduce a bug nor returns it with the status "cannot reproduce".


Cost-effective and organized QA life cycle testing approach

It is important to build the process and to prioritize testing life cycle in software testing correctly. The most important and critical areas of the application are checked in the first place. This cost-effective approach allows the Dev team to fix the critical issues faster. Once the testing of basic functionality is completed, a QA engineer goes deeper and deeper into the application and controls more complex scenarios.


Enjoy working with us

We have the “easy to work with” company reputation. Try a trial project, and you will stay us for a long term! These are not just the words, and this is a fact-based on statistical data.

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Software Testing Life Cycle:

The life cycle of software testing does not only mean "testing" but also includes other activities starting from reading documentation, daily meetings with the client and development team, as well as writing bug reports.


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