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QA testing for secure solutions company

DeviQA is a dedicated vendor that assists with manual and automated testing on an ongoing basis. They're also overseeing other development projects and supervising the testing portion of those.

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Secure Mobile Solutions Company

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They're a really competent and solid team.

October 21, 2022

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Their independent and accountable team is a significant upgrade compared to experiences with other vendors. DeviQA excels at being punctual, solving problems, communicating effectively, and delivering on their promises. They're a trustworthy partner that requires minimal supervision.

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Application testing


2017 - Ongoing







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There were too many things for us to test ourselves, and we couldn't find enough good specialists in the region, so we outsourced some of the work to DeviQA.


DeviQA has helped us do several things. First of all, they worked on automation. We've a lot of test cases to automate—around 1,000 on Android and iOS each. We were doing this manually before hiring DeviQA, which amounted to a lot of time—around three weeks for three engineers. Their team has helped us automate everything, and they keep going, which means that we can basically run tests overnight. They also assist with manual testing, as there are a lot of things to test before going to automation and to production. We've hired more testers from DeviQA in order to cover all product parts. Furthermore, they're helping us lead a development project that we've outsourced somewhere else. QA engineer from DeviQA is leading testing within that other company as well. Overall, they're helping us a lot and I'm really happy we've hired DeviQA. I'd really love to hire more people from them, but we're having some budget constraints.

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