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DeviQA has been in the industry for over a decade. One of our core principles has always been to stay at the forefront of technologies. Therefore, we could not miss an opportunity to have a try at using Microsoft’s Playwright designed especially for end-to-end web testing. And you know what? We just could not help but add it to our technology stack as a powerful tool for automating web application testing, creating automated test suites, and performing functional regression automation. With Playwright, our QA team is able to supercharge any web testing process.

Advantages of Microsoft Playwright:

Cross-platform testing (Windows, Linux, macOS)

Cross-browser testing (Firefox, Safari, Chromium-family browsers)

Support for a range of languages (JS, Typescript, Python, .NET, Java)

Coverage of test scenarios spanning multiple tabs, multiple origins, and multiple users

Test resilience gained via auto-wait, first-web assertions, and tracing

Concurrent test execution

Great opportunities for network control and modification

Emulation of devices, geolocation, time zones, and languages

Screenshots and video recording

Built-in and integrated reporters

Powerful debugging tools

Availability of headless and headed modes

Code generation by recording user actions

Smooth integration with the leading test management, CI, and test runners (Jenkins, Mocha, Azure Pipeline, CircleCI, TravisCI, Appium, Bamboo, Calabash, Sauce Labs, etc.)

Our Playwright test automation services come with:


Well-tuned QA process


Quick response to changes in business demand


Resilient end-to-end tests that fit a workflow


Accurate test results


High test coverage


Simplified bug reporting


Lightning-fast script writing, execution, and maintenance that contribute to quick product delivery


Reduced test maintenance that is deduced from a minimum number of flaky tests

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Hire Automation QA Engineer - Playwright

Automation testing has become a boon for the IT community. It significantly supercharges the QA process by accelerating it and delivering accurate results. There are good reasons to state that automation is a powerful tool. However, it is worth noting that this is true provided that the right automation solution is used and that the real QA professionals are engaged.

DeviQA takes pride in having both seasoned and highly skilled automation QA engineers and an extensive technology stack.

Playwright is a relatively new automation testing framework introduced by Microsoft. This is a perfect match for the end-to-end testing of web applications. The framework is not only efficient and provides a bunch of helpful features but is also easy to use. Therefore, our QA engineers, who are well familiar with Puppeteer, Selenium, and Cypress, have easily mastered Playwright and harnessed its power to provide our clients with automation testing services of sky-high quality.

Being cross-browser and cross-platform, supporting the most commonly used programming languages, and providing great tooling for reporting and troubleshooting, Playwright has become a framework that the DeviQA team regularly uses when it comes to testing web applications. In fact, the mentioned above merits of the framework are just the tip of the iceberg. If you are searching for reliable QA engineers for your web development project, DeviQA’s Playwright experts are a perfect fit. Are interested in getting more details? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Why hire Playwright QA from DeviQA::

Experience and professionalism

Profound knowledge of diverse programming languages (Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, C#, etc.)

Expertise in the leading automation testing frameworks and tools

Smart, atomic, easily maintainable test scripts

Fast onboarding

Transparent communication

Frequent and comprehensive reporting

Good command of English

Clear price policy

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