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Software functionality and performance is an essential thing in how your users respond to your application or software. If, when you are launching the application, it will have serious bugs and issues that users will encounter, then you can at least get low ratings in app stores, bad reviews on the web and also your users will go to your competitors. If the user goes to your competitor - it can hit your earnings a lot.

So, it is necessary to conduct functional testing of the software. Software testing, which is carried out at an early stage of the development process, will allow:

detect bugs

find problems with inaccessibility

show how well the usability of your application or software works.

That's why this type of testing is a crucial element of software development. Moreover, functional testing shows whether your software works as you expected.

Functional Testing Types

When we provide functional testing , we are ready to offer our clients both manual testing and automated testing services. The main types of functional testing that we perform are:

Smoke Testing

As a result of smoke testing is checking whether your app is stable enough for further testing.

Module Testing

Testing of individual functions of the application or software.

Integration Testing

Testing groups of functions to detect errors during their interaction.

System Testing

Testing of all functions.

User Acceptance Testing

Software testing in real scenarios is performed to ensure compliance with specifications.

Regression Testing

Testing of software functions after the upgrade, so that the changes do not affect the previously working functions.

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What types of applications can we test with functional testing

Mobile apps

Web applications and sites

IoT solutions

Big data solutions

Various enterprise solutions (SCM, CRM, BPM, ERP, etc.)

eCommerce solutions

Functional testing: Types of cooperation

Times and Materials

This model is relevant to the clients who wish to receive deliverables immediately.

Dedicated Team

QA or test engineer(s) hired from our side will become a part of your team.

Fixed Price Project

If you have precise requirements and one-time needs, a fixed budget could be the most relevant to you.

Why you should hire DeviQA for functional testing

Of course, to build a seamless functional testing process, you need experienced professionals that are capable of doing so. Here is when DeviQA`s functional testing services come in handy. We have years of experience in all aspects of functional testing. Thousands of tests cases written and executed, 100% test coverage in each feature we test, and lots of satisfied clients that rely on us.


We guarantee the protection of confidential data following with the GDPR.


We have high-experienced engineers, and we are ready to give you a team that has previously worked with similar projects.


We provide full bug reports along with screenshots and video attachments.

Functional Testing Advantages

Functional testing is a large, complex yet must-have part of software development. It is commonly used everywhere if you don't use it means that all other steps of the development cycle were done for nothing since there is no proof everything works as it should. However, if this motivation is not enough, there are lots of other advantages you get.


Functional stability

If you adopt functional testing in your development lifecycle, you'll always be sure your app`s basic features are stable.



There will be no difference between the spec and your live working app.


Test coverage

If you use manual testing for functional tests, you`ll be able to cover 100% of the app with them.


Business requirements

Business requirements are also used as part of the specification for functional tests.


Manual or Automation

You can use both automation or manual tests to perform functional testing depending on your needs and your project specifics.

Do not risk working with no-name providers. DeviQA knows how to increase your ROI.

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Functional Testing Tools that we use

Ranorex Studio







Popular Questions

What are the different types of functional testing?

Functional testing includes such testing types as:


Regression Testing


User Acceptance Testing


Black Box Testing


White Box Testing


Integration Testing


Sanity Testing


Smoke Testing


Unit Testing

How do you conduct functional testing?

To do a proper functional testing, QA engineer needs to fully understand the process and build it around the following scheme:


Select features that need to be tested and order in which they should be tests.


Define test input (test data)


Compute the expected output with selected test data


Create test documentation


Execute test cases and log results


Compare actual and expected results of executed tests.

How do you write a test case for functional testing?

When we write test cases for functional testing, each of them has such fields:






A Sequence of steps to execute


Expected result


Actual result



What is the difference between regression and functional testing?

The main difference between functional and regression testing is that regression testing is performed after the build is released to verify existing functionality, and functional testing is performed to ensure that all application functions work as required by the documentation.

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