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These days automation plays an important role in software development. An appropriate test automation tool can significantly accelerate a software testing process, save a lot of effort, and help to deliver a product of high quality. Robot Framework has been used by numerous industry-leading companies and demonstrated its immense helpfulness and efficiency when it comes to testing web and mobile applications. The DeviQA team has considerable expertise in Robot and can provide you with excellent Robot test automation services.

Robot automation testing

Robot is a well-known Python-based test framework that is a perfect match for acceptance test-driven development, acceptance testing, and robotic process automation. It offers great flexibility due to its extensive ecosystem including diverse test tools and libraries. While the number of supported libraries is constantly growing, Selenium Library is the most widely used one because it provides an opportunity for automated browser interactions through Selenium WebDriver.

Robot has a simple, human-readable syntax. The keyword-driven approach is used for test case writing. Keywords are leveraged for performing actions and providing mechanisms of assertion. Usually, keywords offered by a chosen library are used. However, if for some reason they cannot supply the needs of a QA team, a custom library with appropriate keywords can be created.

There are also no limitations in respect of compatibility with operating systems.

A text editor of any kind or Robot Integrated Development Environment can be used for test case writing. The latter is indeed remarkably easy to install and use.

In terms of reporting, Robot is very convenient as well. Comprehensive information about a test suite and test run is provided in the logs and test reports.

As mentioned above, Python was used for Robot development. That is why this language, along with Java, is leveraged while working with the framework.

Advantages of test automation with Robot

Robot has gained popularity due to the multiple benefits that it provides. We offer to have a look at some of them.

An open-source and free automation tool

Effortless installation

Either keyword-driven, behavior-driven, or data-driven approach

Support of the Gherkin language

Suitability for testing mobile applications and web applications

Compatibility with all the leading platforms

Support of all the commonly used browsers

Seamless integration with Selenium and Appium libraries

Generation of test reports in different formats

Tagging enabling easy identification and selection of tests

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Why choose DeviQA for Robot automation testing

DeviQA has been in the industry for over a decade. Our team has taken on the most diverse and challenging projects and leveraged a great number of testing tools and frameworks with the aim to provide customers with the results that they need. Our QA engineers also used Robot and acquired proficiency in working with this framework. If Robot is a perfect match for your project, we can harness its power to provide you with top-notch automation testing services. All in all, there are plenty of reasons to hire us:

Impressive track record

Stellar reputation

An abundance of highly professional automation QA engineers with vast hands-on experience in the most diverse test frameworks and tools

High-speed onboarding process

Adjustment to work with teams located in any time zone

Strict adherence to a non-disclosure agreement

Efficient communication and responsiveness

Expertise in the most diverse domains

Keeping pace with modern technology development and industry trends

Affordable testing services without compromising on quality

Transparent price policy

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