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QA and dev for financial firm

DeviQA provides QA and testing resources on an ongoing basis. They evaluate architectures and offer both manual and automated testing. The client has also utilized their on-demand developers.


Financial Firm

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They don't complain, and they do exactly what they know needs to be done.

February 5, 2020

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Time to market has pleased internal stakeholders since DeviQA came on board. They've demonstrated a commitment to deadlines and awareness of budget constraints. Customers can expect a reliable team that is comfortable both recommending improvements and fulfilling requirements.

Services provided

Quality assurance services


September 2018 - Ongoing







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We had multifold problems finding and retaining good-quality QA and development resources. It is a pretty commonplace problem, particularly in Western Europe, and particularly magnified in the cities where there's a large financial services sector. We are headquartered in London, which is possibly still the largest financial center in Europe.


They've helped us on two, soon to be three, projects, in addition to helping us with raw development capabilities. We've used their test architects, test engineers, and some of the manual testing resources to bring our products to life. They have a fairly large team of on-demand developers, and some have been with us for over 12 months at this point. They also have wide-ranging skillsets in front- and backend technologies. On the QA side, they've been responsible for scoping out, building, and running a fairly sophisticated automation platform for two of the companies in our portfolio. Effectively taking the project from end to end, they've helped with everything from the architecture phases to the operation of the automated QA testing.

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