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Progress is unstoppable. Today, technologies are evolving by leaps and bounds. Testing tools are also revolutionizing. Today’s market offers a great variety of test automation frameworks and tools. Cypress is considered to be among the most popular and widely used ones. With its help, QA teams test modern complicated web applications. The DeviQA team also harnesses the power of Cypress to help clients hit the market with mind-blowing web solutions.

Cypress automation testing

Cypress is an advanced web automation testing tool that has Mocha and Chai at the core. While supporting just the JavaScript programming language, it provides all the necessary facilities for test setting up, developing, running, and debugging. It is second to none whenever it comes to end-to-end web testing. Still, it can be also leveraged for API testing, cross-browser testing, unit testing, and integration testing.

Cypress automation testing entails running on the NodeJS server that interacts with a web browser playing the role of the test runner. The latter, in turn, is regulated by Cypress for running a test code and a web application under test in the same event loop. Due to this, JavaScript objects can be effortlessly mocked and tweaked on the go. This is one of the fundamental reasons for the considerably speedier execution of the Cypress automated tests compared with testing tools of the same kind.

To optimize and simplify the work of QA engineers and software engineers, Cypress offers multiple extremely helpful functionalities including debugging, video recording, screen capturing, an intuitive dashboard, and many others. What is important is that it can also be seamlessly integrated into CI/CD pipelines. As for reporting, it is realized through the internally used Mocha reporter.

In general, with Cypress, it is super easy to craft powerful, robust, and flexible tests for even the most complex web applications.

Benefits of Cypress test automation

Many QA teams all over the world opt for Cypress because it comes with a plethora of advantages that make its use utterly beneficial. Let’s review some of them.

The ability to receive alerts for test failures through Slack or GitHub

Efficient end-to-end tests with a smaller amount of code

Snapshot catching or video recording in the course of test running

Painless and speedy debugging with the help of well-known Developer Tools

Auto-waiting for each assertion and command prior to taking an action

The ability to stub network traffic as it is needed

Creation of consistent, robust, and fast automated tests

Test running within different web browsers (Firefox, Google Chrome, Edge, Brave, and Electron)

Our Cypress test automation services

Taking into account the great capabilities of Cypress and our clients’ needs, DeviQA delivers such Cypress test automation services as:


Cypress end-to-end testing


Cypress API testing


Cypress integration testing


Cypress cross-browser testing

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Why hire the DeviQA team for Cypress test automation

DeviQA is relentless in its pursuit of perfection. Striving to provide all its clients with the best-in-class testing services, its team constantly masters new frameworks and heavily uses the most diverse testing tools. Cypress plays a special role among them. Our QA specialists have used it a lot in diverse web projects and acquired proficiency. Backed up with extensive expertise and in-depth knowledge, they render awesome Cypress test automation services. Beyond that, there are many more reasons to collaborate with DeviQA:

Vast experience in quality assurance and automation testing

Complete dedication and responsiveness

Quick and smooth onboarding process

A rich pool of seasoned and highly skilled automation QA engineers

Strict adherence to all the terms and conditions of an NDA

Transparent communication

Comprehensive and clear reporting

Keeping pace with modern technological advances and innovative testing tactics

Expertise in working with different development methodologies, including Scrum, Kanban, etc.

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