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Dedicated QA Team

Focus on the business’s needs, reduce costs, and get a proprietary feel to your team.

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What is Dedicated QA Team?

Working with a dedicated team model means you won’t have to labor needlessly on legal support, recruitment, environment support, or maintenance.

Hiring a quality assurance team will provide you with engineers who work exclusively on your project and are fully concentrated on the project activities, and you’ll have full control of them. Dedicated QA team or test engineers participate in daily standup, retrospectives, demo meetings, etc.

It would be best if

You have a long-term project

You want a proprietary feel to your team

You want to focus on business

You want to have domain experts working for you

You want experts that live and breath for your project

You want to reduce costs

Hire QA Team and get

Transparent team control

Free team management

Engineers dedicated to a single project at a time

Ability to extend the team on request

Team members ready for new requests at any time

Experts with the exact skills that you require

Free HR and admin activities

Frequent and relevant communication

QA engineers
years of experience
verticals supported
hours worked
test cases designed
clients over the globe

Reasons to work with our Dedicated Team


You have an in-house QA team but need extra resources


You only have a dev team in-house and are looking for an offshore QA team to be responsible for the quality of your product


You have an idea and are looking for dedicated developers, testers, project managers etc


You are not satisfied with your current QA team or provider


You only have manual testing in-house and are looking for automated testing


You do not have a transparent and structured QA process and are looking for help

Hire an experienced dedicated QA team from DeviQA, and you won’t have to worry about recruitment, environment, or any other issues.

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Popular Questions

Will the QA team members have other projects in parallel?

No, your team won’t jump from project to project. They are guaranteed to work exclusively on your project. As a result, each of the team members knows the project in details and is able to develop/test any part of the application

What is the minimum commitment to hire a dedicated team?

The minimum commitment for a dedicated team is 3 months of full-time work

How much time is needed to gather a dedicated team?

Well, it depends on how big the dedicated team you required is. Usually, we have some bench resources and can start work on your project in 1-2 weeks.

Are you providing QA manager for the dedicated team?

If you are hiring a team of more than 5 engineers, we will provide a QA manager for FREE.

Will I have full control over them?


Are they available to participate in daily and weekly meetings?

Yes—they are your team members and follow the project rules

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