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What is Dedicated QA Team?

For anyone who has something to do with software development, the utter importance of software testing is obvious. In essence, this is a sure-fire way to establish control over product quality, fix any problems in a timely manner, and be fully confident in the excellence of the software that you deliver to the market. Still, often enough the establishment and maintenance of an in-house QA department can be indeed costly and challenging for a business. Therefore, the decision about hiring a dedicated QA team can be the best one to ensure the first-class quality of your product.

This hiring model suggests the quick onboarding of a ready-to-go QA team made up of QA specialists whose experience and skills perfectly meet your requirements.

Such a team is put under your orders and works only on your project. While a dedicated QA team works remotely, hardly can you see a difference with an in-house one. Dedicated quality assurance teams take part in all project activities including daily standups, spring planning, retrospectives meetings, and others.

Depending on your needs, a full-fledged QA team can set up a QA process from scratch, work on test documentation, draw up a testing strategy, write test scripts, and execute the whole scope of tests including functional testing, performance testing, security testing, compatibility testing, compliance testing, accessibility testing, API testing, and others.

Hiring a Dedicated QA Team Is a Great Idea If

Your project is large-scale and long-term;

You have no software testing specialists in-house;

You need to quickly ramp up your existing QA team;

You would like to concentrate on the core business tasks and activities;

You are searching for highly professional QA specialists to join your team;

You want to have committed specialists on the team who live and breathe your project;

You want to cut down expenses on software testing.

Benefits of Hiring a Dedicated QA Team


By hiring a dedicated QA team you immediately receive a full-fledged, well-arranged, fully equipped, and collaborative team aimed at efficient testing of your product.

Great customization

A QA team is built on the ground of your needs. Team members with the most relevant specialization, background, and skill set are picked up to join the team. If after a while your needs are changed, the team size and structure are changed correspondingly.

Quick onboarding and seamless integration

Forget about the time-incentive recruitment process with endless interviews. A dedicated QA team can get onboarded just within a week. It joins your product team and adapts to your workflows and corporate culture.


When you hire a dedicated QA team you pay only for the rendered software testing services. Compared to having an in-house QA department, there are no additional expenses related to recruitment, training, retention, legal and accounting support, payroll, office renting, workspace arrangement, equipment procurement, etc. So, in this case, not only do you avoid a lot of hassles but also save a lot of money. Moreover, you can save indeed a fortune if you hire offshore quality assurance teams. The thing is that in Eastern Europe, for example, rates are much lower than those in North America or Western Europe.

Overall control and direct communication

A dedicated quality assurance team is under your total control. You can reach out to every team member at any time and take part in all discussions of ongoing issues and testing plans.

Hire a Dedicated QA Team and Take Advantage of

Complete control over the team;

Direct team management;

Committed QA engineers who work exclusively on your project;

Ability to upscale or downscale a QA team quickly on your request;

Team members being open to any new challenges at any time;

QA experts having the skill set that you need;

HR and admin support at no cost;

Transparent and efficient communication;

Significantly decreased costs on quality assurance;

Shorter time-to-market.

Reasons to work with our Dedicated Team


You have an in-house QA team but need extra resources


You only have a dev team in-house and are looking for an offshore QA team to be responsible for the quality of your product


You have an idea and are looking for dedicated developers, testers, project managers etc


You are not satisfied with your current QA team or provider


You only have manual testing in-house and are looking for automated testing


You do not have a transparent and structured QA process and are looking for help

Our Process of Setting Up a Dedicated QA Team


Defining goals, needs, and requirements

The first step is to thoroughly study the needs of a Client. Depending upon the project size and development process peculiarities our software testing experts define the required team lineup and size as well as identify the skills and experience of QA specialists who will join the team. Gained insights let us provide our Client with a dedicated QA team completely tailored to their project.


Picking up relevant talents

Our recruitment managers carefully screen our pool of talents and choose those who perfectly fit the requirements of a Client. The CVs of our candidates are sent to a Customer for consideration.


Holding interviews

While we do our best to provide our Client with a dream team and select the best QA specialists for this purpose, the Client is always free to hold additional one-to-one interviews with each potential team member to assess their soft and hard skills and be sure that they are indeed the best fit.



As soon as a non-disclosure agreement and other documents are signed, our software testing specialists get down to work. A Client or their representative instructs a QA team, provides access to internal systems, selects communication channels, sets up the team meeting schedule, etc. DeviQA, in turn, supplies a dedicated quality assurance team with everything it needs to work efficiently on a project.


QA team management

A Client or their representative manages the team without any intermediator. DeviQA just monitors whether the team copes with the work and provides it with everything needed to deliver the desired results.

Hire an experienced dedicated QA team from DeviQA, and you would not have to worry about recruitment, environment, or any other issues.

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Reasons To Hire a Dedicated QA Team From DeviQA

The best QA specialists on the market

If you hire a QA team from DeviQA you can be sure that the best-of-breed software testing experts will work on your project. We can boast of the indeed rich talent pool. We have highly skilled and seasoned manual testers, automation QA engineers, QA managers, QA analysts, QC experts, QA architects, DevOps engineers, and performance engineers who combine their efforts to provide exceptional quality of our Clients’ software products.

Expertise in all types of software testing

We have experts in a whole variety of software testing types. They can provide you with a comprehensive QA process and execute diverse tests in order to check your software inside out.

Easy-to-manage quality assurance team

Our dedicated QA team smoothly integrates into your processes and adapts to your inner workflows. Our experts know what they should do and require little supervision. Still, you will always receive timely and comprehensive reports on the work progress.

Tailored QA teams

In order to produce the best results, we design each team with regard to the particular needs of each Client. QA specialists with the most suitable expertise are selected..


The main goal of DeviQA is to make each Client happy with our work. Therefore, we strive to be as flexible as possible. Thus, our Clients can easily ramp up and ramp down their dedicated QA teams according to their current needs.

Quick onboarding

Once we reveal the needs of our Client, we immediately start scanning our talent pool to find the best QA specialists for a project. In general, it takes about a week to set up a dedicated quality assurance team. Then it smoothly and quickly integrates into a Client’s team and an internal workflow.

No hidden costs

Working with DeviQA, you take advantage of a clear price policy without any hidden costs.

Fine-tined QA process

Leveraging their deep knowledge in quality assurance, our experts help our Clients to set up a perfectly orchestrated QA process that provides efficiency and time-saving. Rest assured that when you outsource software testing to DeviQA, your project is doomed to success.

Ongoing self-improvement

At DeviQA we always strive to gain new knowledge, adopt new technologies, and polish our skills. Ongoing self-improvement is what lets us hold leading positions in the software testing niche.

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Popular Questions

Will the QA team members have other projects in parallel?

No, your team would not jump from project to project. They are guaranteed to work exclusively on your project. As a result, each of the team members knows the project in details and is able to develop/test any part of the application

What is the minimum commitment to hire a dedicated team?

The minimum commitment for a dedicated team is 3 months of full-time work

How much time is needed to gather a dedicated team?

Well, it depends on how big the dedicated team you required is. Usually, we have some bench resources and can start work on your project in 1-2 weeks.

Are you providing QA manager for the dedicated team?

If you are hiring a team of more than 5 engineers, we will provide a QA manager for FREE.

Will I have full control over them?


Are they available to participate in daily and weekly meetings?

Yes—they are your team members and follow the project rules

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