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Digital transformation testing suggests meticulous evaluation and validation of digital systems, software, or applications, ensuring they align seamlessly with defined requirements. This indispensable practice propels business success by guaranteeing superior product quality, cutting down development expenses, elevating user experiences, fine-tuning performance, and upholding security compliance. Drawing on our profound expertise spanning diverse domains such as Healthcare, FinTech, Real Estate, Cybersecurity, Retail, AdTech, and more, we provide advanced and tailored testing solutions that adhere to the highest industry standards.

Our Solutions For Your Digital Transformation Testing Challenges

Testing becomes a critical factor in ensuring seamless transitions and optimal performance. Our Digital Transformation Testing services are tailored to address the unique challenges you face, helping you achieve your objectives.

Legacy System Integration


Many companies have a complex infrastructure consisting of legacy systems and modern platforms. Quite often this introduces compatibility issues, leading to disruptions and inefficiencies.


Our experts specialize in seamless legacy system integration testing, ensuring smooth work and correct data sharing between all components of your IT infrastructure. We meticulously identify potential bottlenecks and design strategies to mitigate risks, allowing your business to evolve without headaches.

Scalability Concerns


As your digital infrastructure expands, ensuring scalability becomes a daunting challenge. Unanticipated surges in user activity can result in system failures.


Our scalable testing solutions simulate real-world scenarios, stress-testing your systems to identify thresholds and potential failure points. By proactively addressing scalability concerns, we empower your digital ecosystem to grow organically, meeting the demands of a dynamic market.

Security Vulnerabilities


With cyber criminals becoming more and more inventive, ensuring the solid security of your digital assets is non-negotiable. Identifying vulnerabilities before malicious entities find and exploit them is paramount.


Our comprehensive security testing protocols go beyond standard practices. We use cutting-edge tools and techniques to identify security flaws in your digital infrastructure, ensuring your data and systems remain impenetrable in the face of evolving cyber threats.

The Scope of Our Digital Transformation Testing Services

Embark on a seamless digital transformation journey with our comprehensive suite of testing services designed to ensure the success of your initiatives. At DeviQA, we specialize in a wide range of testing types. Here are some of them:

Functional Testing

We meticulously validate each function to guarantee optimal performance and user satisfaction.

Integration Testing

Our integration testing identifies any issues that may arise when different app components interact.

Compatibility Testing

Our compatibility testing ensures your digital solutions are accessible and user-friendly for everyone no matter what hardware or software they use.

Performance Testing

We identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement, ensuring your solutions can handle any level of demand.

Usability Testing

We evaluate the user interface and overall design to enhance usability, making your digital solutions intuitive and enjoyable for end-users.

Exploratory Testing

Our experts creatively navigate your digital systems to identify potential defects and areas for improvement.

Regression Testing

Our regression testing ensures that new enhancements don't compromise the stability of your digital solutions.

Release Testing

We verify that all changes integrate seamlessly and meet the highest quality standards.

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Test coverage :



2.5 weeks to run regression testing

1 day to run regression testing

7 days to run smoke testing

1 day to run smoke testing

Outdated test cases

60% increase in the number of regression tests and relevant test cases

50% test coverage

90% test coverage

Supported localizations were not tested

27 localizations supported by QA engineers

No automation testing

>1500 automated test scenarios created

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Dev capacity:



Didn’t have a formal QA process

Built smooth and well-working processes

Didn’t make automated testing

Test automation : smoke, API, UI on all supported browsers

Testing was carried out by the devs

Full coverage of the application by test cases

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Test coverage :



Existing workflow in Jira didn’t allow to understand how many bugs were left unfixed before the release and their priorities

Adjusted the Jira workflow, integrated TestRail with Jira to be able to see statisticls of the issues per release

The lack of test documentation

Developed necessary test artifacts that adhere to industry standards and are easily maintainable

No Automation test coverage

Added multithreading to run tests in parallel on 10 different threads, which reduced the time of the test run in 7 times

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