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JavaScript tops the chart of the most popular languages. Taking into account its simplicity and efficiency, these days it is used in both client-side and server-side development. Still, no one is immune to mistakes. To ensure a high quality of web applications, Mocha is used, which is a widely used JavaScript test framework. The DeviQA’s specialists have substantial experience in Mocha automation testing and are ready to leverage their knowledge and expertise to make a success of your software.

Mocha automation testing

Mocha is a well-known, open-source, highly customizable test framework that is used to run automated tests synchronously or asynchronously in NodeJS and web browsers. It comes with a wide range of features that significantly simplify the testing of JavaScript apps through descriptive automated tests, accurate reports, and test execution on every local change of a file.

Using Mocha it is possible to run tests at all levels from unit testing to acceptance testing.

Additionally, Mocha is flexible when it comes to the choice of an assertion library. You can choose from a great variety of libraries. However, usually Mocha is used in combination with Chai.

It is also worth noting that the framework offers diverse interfaces, but the BDD interface is used by default. With this interface, four root hooks are provided - before all, before each, after all, and after each. These hooks are run along with test scripts to set up necessary test preconditions and clean up resources after the completion of testing.

All in all, Mocha is a test framework that is continuously evolving providing all you need for highly efficient automated testing.

Why choose Mocha automation testing

Mocha has an army of admirers all over the world. This is explained by numerous benefits that it provides that result in robustness, accuracy, and fast test execution. Let's have a look at some advantages of Mocha.

Being open-source

Simple setup

Availability of root hooks

Synchronous and simple asynchronous testing

Support of different assertion libraries

Support of Behavior Driven Development and Test Driven Development

Local or global installation when it comes to NodeJS and setup on the client-side for test execution in a web browser

A variety of built-in reporters and an ability to create a custom one

Compatibility with all the leading web browsers

Parallel test execution

Node debugger support

Information on test duration and a highlight of slow tests

Test coverage reporting

Test-specific timeouts

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Benefits of Mocha test automation with DeviQA

Perfection knows no limits. That is why we do not sit on our hands. Instead, we constantly polish our skills and gain new knowledge. New tools, new frameworks, and new techniques are always on our radar screen. Mocha is a framework that our QA specialists have heavily used in the most diverse projects. They know it inside out. Therefore, we deliver Mocha test automation services with consideration of all the capabilities and pitfalls of the framework which results in the exceptional quality of your software. Still, apart from expertise in Mocha, there are many more reasons to hire DeviQA:

Considerable experience in quality assurance

Seasoned and committed automation QA engineers with an extensive background

Mastery of diverse programming languages and hands-on experience in different test frameworks

Onboarding at lightning speed

Complete dedication

Adjustment to work with teams in any time zone

Strict adherence to all the terms and conditions of a non-disclosure agreement

Transparent communication and responsiveness

Comprehensive reporting

Extensive domain expertise

Keeping pace with modern technology development and industry trends

Cost-efficient automation testing solutions without compromising on quality

Affordable prices

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