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What is Software QA Consulting?

As you know, software development goes hand in hand with software testing. The latter is essential for software success. However, sometimes companies may experience difficulties even having an extensive QA team in place. QA consulting services come in handy when the established QA process does not bring desired results. Software testing consulting suggests the engagement of external highly professional QA experts with the aim of auditing a software testing process, identifying hiccups, pain points, and gaps, offering the best ways of quality assurance optimization, and implementing them.

DeviQA is known as a trusted QA consulting company. We provide holistic software testing consulting that helps to achieve excellent QA efficiency. If that is what you need, we are at your service!

The Signs to Call On the DeviQA Software Testing Consultants


Unclear and unstructured QA process

Bulks of missed bugs, unclear responsibilities, low test coverage, unmet deadlines, and many other problems are often the result of having a misadjusted QA process. Professional software QA consulting services can assist you to streamline your QA workflow.


Product quality is not as good as expected

If your clients are not satisfied with your software and go away in swarms then it is high time to change your approach to QA and invite software testing consultants to help you establish a sound QA process able to ensure high product quality.


Flaky automated tests

Automated testing is a powerful tool bringing numerous benefits. Still, you can leverage the power of automated testing only when real professionals are engaged for this purpose. Improper test suite architecture and a wrong approach lead to randomly failing tests. As a result, nobody on the team understands if this is because of a defect in a tested application or an issue in automated tests. QA consulting is a great way to identify bottlenecks in your automated testing and optimize it.


Lack of control and transparency

If you hardly understand the testing process and do not have a clear vision of what your quality assurance team is doing, hiring a software testing consultant can help to resolve these problems.


Lack of expertise

If your QA team has a lack of expertise in particular technologies, tools, or software testing types, it may significantly affect product quality. If you want to mitigate the risk but do not have time to upskill your QA team, software testing consulting is a great way to mitigate the risk and not spend a lot of time and money on recruiting a corresponding specialist. Professional consultants will tell what should be done and in which way while share their knowledge with the team.


Too high cost of software testing activities

If your QA team is extensive and expenses on software testing are continuously growing, you may have doubts about whether it is indeed worth it. In this case, QA consulting services can audit your current QA process and come up with ideas to make it more efficient while optimizing corresponding expenses.


Implementation of new methodologies

If you face struggles while trying to implement a new methodology, QA consultation can help you to adjust testing infrastructure in accordance with Agile, continuous testing, TDD practices, etc.

Our Software QA Consulting Services

Consultation on QA process improvement

If you are not satisfied with your QA process and the performance of your QA team, we can reveal the main problems and help you fine-tune a software testing process to make it indeed efficient and aligned with the requirements of a particular project.

Consultation on QA process set-up

If there is a need to set up a QA process from the ground up, but your QA team does not know what to start with, we can provide expert assistance. Our QA consultants will analyze the peculiarities of software to be tested and help you to decide on a proper structure and size of a QA team, define the scope of testing, analyze the relevancy of automation testing implementation, select the most appropriate tech stack, design a testing strategy, etc.

Consultation on the implementation of automation testing

If your team has a lack of knowledge and expertise and does not know how to properly implement automation testing, it is not a problem with our QA consultancy. QA consultants will study and analyze a project, decide whether it makes sense to implement automation testing, prepare a test automation strategy, point out the most suitable test scenarios for automation, offer the most appropriate testing frameworks and tools, and assist with automated generation of test data and integration of continuous testing into a CI/CD pipeline.

Consultation on testing software of a particular type

Knowledge is gained from experience. If your QA team has not dealt with software based on blockchain, BI, SaaS, big data, or other advanced technologies, we can provide you with assistants. Our QA experts will help to define the scope of testing, make up a good testing strategy, and choose the right testing tools. All aspects will be taken into account in order to set up an efficient QA process.

QA process audit

If you want to know whether your QA process is indeed efficient or whether there is room for certain improvements, DeviQA can perform a QA process audit. Our seasoned QA consultants will thoroughly explore your existing QA process and provide a comprehensive plan of quality assurance process optimization in case certain bottlenecks have been identified.

Our Process of QA Audit and Consulting

Every case is special, and we always use a personal approach in QA consultation. However, there is a common algorithm that can give you a general idea about what we do during our QA audit and consulting process.



As a rule, QA consultants kick off the process of software testing consulting with a number of meetings. The goal is to talk with stakeholders and an in-house team in order to get details about a project, a software development process, and the current state of QA affairs. Moreover, at this stage, we reveal the set objectives, arisen difficulties, needs, etc. If some project documentation is available it is also thoroughly studied.



Now it is time to see everything for ourselves. We inspect the implemented QA process, including introduced workflows, used technologies, designed testing strategy, and many more. Detected bottlenecks, limitations, gaps, and risks are accurately registered by our specialists.


Reporting and planning

As all problems in a QA process are identified, we come up with the best solutions for them. A Client is provided with a detailed report on detected issues and a comprehensive roadmap for QA process optimization. Our experts design an efficient QA strategy along with a test automation strategy if it is feasible, offer a relevant tool kit, prepare a list of the target KPIs, specify tasks to be performed, estimate the required time, etc.



If you are ready for a full-on transformation, it is time to implement the optimization recommendations. Your team can do it on its own being supervised by our QA consultants. Still, if you wish, our experts can join your team to be directly involved in the implementation process and share knowledge with your in-house QA specialists.


Post-implementation support

When all points of the action plan are fulfilled, our QA consultants monitor whether the set goals have been achieved and whether the QA process is as efficient as possible. Besides, DeviQA keeps on supervising your in-house QA specialists for some time and comes to assistance in case certain problems arise.

Why Choose DeviQA For Software QA Consulting Services?


Ample experience

DeviQA is a renowned software testing company that has served the most diverse businesses all over the world and dealt with projects of the most diverse types. Over the years our team has gained a rich experience that we feel we can share it with others in order to help them have a highly efficient QA process in place and provide sky-high quality. Our utter understanding of quality assurance processes has already helped numerous teams to eliminate bottlenecks and streamline processes. Whatever challenges you have we are able to address them.


Culture of excellence

It is a well-known fact that exhausting testing is impossible and hardly there is any completely bug-free software. Still, quality assurance is all about struggling to reach the desired perfection. At DeviQA, we have introduced a culture of excellence. We are always on the hunt for new technologies and practices that could let us be more productive and make our QA process even more efficient. If the pursuit of excellence is also about you we are ready to help you.


Top-notch QA experts

At DeviQA, we clearly understand that to deliver excellent QA services it is needed to have brilliant manual and automation QA engineers on the team. Therefore, a scrupulous hiring process has been implemented to cherry-pick real talents. Moreover, all our employees are provided with an opportunity to broaden their knowledge as well as gain and polish up-to-date skills. Consequently, you can be sure that our QA consultancy can provide you with real expert assistance.



Our QA consultants can address any issue and help you with any aspect of your QA process. They are well-versed in test documentation design, manual and automation testing, all types of software testing, diverse testing frameworks and tools, and a variety of technologies. So rest assured that they are able to detect all existing issues and gaps and offer the most efficient solutions.


Expertise in a plethora of testing tools

There is a great variety of testing tools and frameworks on the market. Their aim is to make a QA process more effective, speedy, comprehensive, and maintainable. However, it is quite easy to get lost in this variety and get frustrated trying to pick up the most suitable tools for a particular project. That is what our software testing consultant can help you with. They heavily use the most diverse testing tools, know their weaknesses and strengths, and are glad to leverage their knowledge to help you select a proper tech stack.


Focus on the client’s needs

To provide our clients with the results that they want, our consultants, first of all, reveal their needs and offer solutions keeping them in mind. Our goal is not to completely rearrange your QA department unless it is indeed needed, but to let you get the most out of what you have by optimizing it in the best possible way.



If a company applies for software QA consulting, usually it means that it needs urgent help. DeviQA can quickly provide an experienced consulting team. Our QA specialists will perform an audit of your QA process and provide a plan of action in a timely manner. Optimization of a QA process will be also executed without procrastination.

What You Gain With Quality Assurance Consulting From DeviQA

Optimization of expenses on software testing;

Full-on QA process improvement;

Relevant and fine-tuned testing infrastructure;

A refined testing strategy that meets project requirements and quality gates;

A transparent, well-structured, and controllable software testing process;

Faster software releases and shorter time to market;

Minimum bug leakage, top-notch quality of the end product, and high level of customer satisfaction;

The use of the best software testing practices and upskilling of in-house QA specialists.

A happy medium in the proportion of automated and manual testing;

Higher test coverage;

Automated generation of test data;

Smooth software testing process and compliance with project deadlines.

Learn more about how we can improve your QA process and make your product high-quality.

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Popular Questions

Who is a Quality Assurance Consultant?

A quality assurance consultant is someone with significant experience in quality assurance and testing. He or she has experience in setting up test processes from scratch, automation test suite architecture design, test documentation development, etc. With the knowledge to predict potential risks at the earliest stages of the project, the QA consultant is not another "pair of hands" in your team. They are the strategist of the quality of your product.

What is a QA audit?

A quality assurance audit is a process of reviewing quality assurance activities on the project to ensure that the current process meets quality requirements. It identifies any weak sides of your current process and provides solutions for how to fix them.

Why do I need a Quality Assurance Consultant?

A QA consultant skills include performing an audit of your current testing process, building a test strategy, and increasing the quality of your product.

He or she will explain


which development stages the requirement analysis should be performed


how efficient your testing process is and proposes improvements


what gaps your automation test suite contains and how to fix them


which stage you need for a performance test

When can software QA Consulting services help?

It can help in the following cases:


the project has no structured QA process


quality of the product is not high enough for current requirements


looking to streamline the QA methodologies


when the current QA team does not have enough experience and technical background

When should a QA consultant be involved in the project?

A consultant could come in at any stage, but we advise bringing them on at the earliest stages to minimize effort necessary for fixing problems related to inefficient processes, lack of resources, or poor testing tools.

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