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What is Software QA Consulting?

QA consulting services from DeviQA allows you to discover the gaps in the testing process, create a solid test strategy with a clear plan, reduce costs, and increase the efficiency of testing to avoid the potential problems in the future. Invest today - this is a motto for not losing in the future.

The best reasons to choose Software QA Consulting Services


Unclear and unstructured QA process

Missed bugs, unclear responsibilities, lack of integration testing, missing releases, and many other problems could be the result of improper testing processes


Quality of the product is not as good as expected

You may lose your clients if the quality of your deliverable is low


Instability of automated tests

Auto-tests are powerful but only in right hands. Lack of “right” test suite architecture and the “wrong” approach leads to randomly failing tests. The result of this is a frustrated team with nobody who understands if this is a bug of the application or the issue of auto-tests


Lack of transparency and control

You do not understand and or control the testing process at all. You do not have a clear vision of what your team is doing. Hiring a quality assurance consultant will help to resolve these problems


QA team doesn’t have enough expertise

Insufficient expertise leads to missing bugs, improper vision of current quality, unstable tests which take huge amounts of time for completion, which prevents releases


Not enough QA / testing resources

You do not have QA resources, or your current team is stuck, and you would like to add extra engineers or to breathe new power into the QA process


Increasing the efficiency of QA engineers

The current process is not as efficient as it could be. As an example, instead of repeating manual testing activities every day, you may simply automate them


Mistakes in test documentation and artifacts

Lack of test documentation usually leads to non-structured testing, and as a result, your users will face any missed bugs


QA activities cost too much

The current QA team is too large and costs much. But here is the question - are you sure they’re useful?


Implementation of modern methodologies required

Methodology selection depends on various factors. The most popular of them are Scrum and Kanban

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6 Steps to perform QA Audit for your project


If you have no standards or documentation, give as many details about your process as you can


A software quality assurance consultant analyzes your process


We provide a detailed document explaining all the issues and how they can be fixed


You fix problems in your process according to our recommendations


We review the fixes completed from your side and confirm that it works as expected


We provide software QA consulting for your team so that you can be 100% sure that each individual understands our recommended workflow

Quality Assurance Consulting artifacts

Effective budget planning to justify the cost of testing

Accelerating work with optimal use of infrastructure

An improved testing strategy

Prepare operating environment by taking into account the peculiarities of your business processes

Optimization of development costs and ensuring the splendid traits of your software

A transparent and measurable software quality audit process

The rules of interaction between software quality assurance audit experts, developers, and business analysts

Improving the level of communication and reducing the number of errors and disputes during quality assurance consulting

Learn more about how we can improve your QA process and make your product high-quality.

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Popular Questions

Who is a Quality Assurance Consultant?

A quality assurance consultant is someone with significant experience in quality assurance and testing. He or she has experience in setting up test processes from scratch, automation test suite architecture design, test documentation development, etc. With the knowledge to predict potential risks at the earliest stages of the project, the QA consultant is not another “pair of hands” in your team. They are the strategist of the quality of your product.

What is a QA audit?

A quality assurance audit is a process of reviewing quality assurance activities on the project to ensure that the current process meets quality requirements. It identifies any weak sides of your current process and provides solutions for how to fix them.

Why do I need a Quality Assurance Consultant?

A QA consultant’s skills include performing an audit of your current testing process, building a test strategy, and increasing the quality of your product.

He or she will explain


which development stages the requirement analysis should be performed


how efficient your testing process is and proposes improvements


what gaps your automation test suite contains and how to fix them


which stage you need for a performance test

When can software QA Consulting services help?

It can help in the following cases:


the project has no structured QA process


quality of the product is not high enough for current requirements


looking to streamline the QA methodologies


when the current QA team does not have enough experience and technical background

When should a QA consultant be involved in the project?

A consultant could come in at any stage, but we advise bringing them on at the earliest stages to minimize effort necessary for fixing problems related to inefficient processes, lack of resources, or poor testing tools.

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