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These days test automation is a great opportunity to build and deliver a software product of exceptional quality in a timely manner. Efficiency and speed are its major advantages. Still, a good deal hinges on the choice of a test automation tool. In these terms, Selenium is a household name. For many years it has held leadership in the market. The DeviQA team makes active use of this tool as well and provides top-notch Selenium automation testing services.

Selenium automation testing

Selenium is the best option for testing websites and web apps across diverse web browsers. It is worth noting that in essence Selenium is not exactly a single testing solution, but rather a collection of tools for fulfilling different testing needs. Let's give a brief overview of each of them.

Selenium Integrated Development Environment can be defined as a browser add-on used for recording user’s interactions with a web solution and further playback whenever required. Generally, its main objective is to make the process of test script creation faster and easier.

Selenium WebDriver is an efficient framework for cross-browser testing. It allows QA engineers to control web browsers and run test scripts through browser automation APIs. WebDriver supports an abundance of programming languages which is its important advantage. Its integration with different tools enables efficient management of Selenium automation testing.

Time is money, and with Selenium Grid you can save both. It is one more Selenium tool that has the purpose to decrease test run time. It has become possible by means of synchronous test execution on diverse machines, across various browsers, and OS.

Why apply for Selenium automation testing:

Over the years, Selenium has proved itself as a reliable, highly powerful, and helpful test automation tool. Therefore, there are a plethora of reasons to automate tests with Selenium, for instance:

Selenium is utilized without any license fee payment due to its open-source nature

The most diverse programming languages including JS, PHP, Java, C#, Ruby, and Python, are supported

Once developed test scripts are run on all the leading web browsers without being adjusted and tweaked

All the leading operating systems like Mac, Windows, Linux, and UNIX are supported

Selenium automation testing provides higher testing speed, efficiency, and accuracy

It gives an opportunity to minimize efforts in manual regression and cross-browser testing

Selenium is constantly updated and upgraded offering more and more helpful options and features

Selenium automation testing services that DeviQA offers:

To cover all needs of its clients, DeviQA provides a full scope of Selenium automated testing services:


Selenium regression testing


Selenium functional testing


Selenium cross-browser testing


Automation framework development


Customized test reporting

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The approach of DeviQA to Selenium automation testing

DeviQA is a software testing company that has been in the business for over a decade. We have deep expertise in automation testing and especially in Selenium automation testing. Our seasoned QA team can assist you to implement Selenium automation testing, fine-tune the QA workflow, maintain test scripts, and provide any support you may need. As a rule, our test automation workflow includes the following stages:

In-depth project study and analysis

Definition of an automation scope

Test framework analysis

Test framework design

Test environment setup

Test data creation

Test script writing

Test performance

Analysis of test outcomes

Test reporting

Maintenance and support

Why hire DeviQA for Selenium automation testing?

Being a leader in software testing, DeviQA helps its clients to achieve their most ambitious goals by providing among others high-end Selenium automation testing services. Our Selenium testing specialists closely work with our customers to reveal their unique needs and provide accurate, robust, and efficient test automation that helps to address their particular testing challenges and that then can be easily extended and customized as their needs evolve. Other reasons to team up with DeviQA are:

A wealth of experience in Selenium

Responsibility and commitment

Quick onboarding

A great number of highly-professional automation QA engineers

Strict adherence to the NDA terms and conditions

Efficient collaboration

Keeping up with innovative tactics and сutting-edge testing tools

Expertise in working with different development methodologies, especially Agile

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