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Automated testing can significantly optimize your QA process and deliver desired results. The only condition is to choose the right test automation tool and engage professional automated QA engineers.

Selenide is a test framework that has demonstrated its efficiency and helpfulness. DeviQA has brilliant Selenide specialists on the staff. Backed up with rich experience and profound knowledge, they can provide you with superior Selenide automation testing services and ensure the high quality of your web application.

Selenide automation testing

Selenide can be defined as a wrapper for the well-known Selenium WebDriver. It enables fast writing of clearly readable, easily maintainable, and stable automated UI tests in Java. While providing low-level capabilities of Selenium Webdriver, the framework also offers its own useful features and functionalities.

With Selenide, it is easy to build a skeleton for writing automated test scripts. It provides effortless configuration, powerful selectors, concise API, and AJAX support.

The following features of Selenide can be referred to the main ones:

jQuery inspired concise fluent API

Automated handling of the majority of issues related to waiting, timeouts, and AJAX

Automated handling of browser lifecycle

Automated screenshot taking on every test failure

All in all, Selenide gives an opportunity to concentrate all your attention on business logic rather than dealing with constant browser, AJAX, and timeout issues

Why choose Selenide automation testing

While Selenium is a great test framework, it still has certain weaknesses that Selenide helps to solve. Selenide comes with numerous advantages, so let’s consider some of them:

Being free and open source

Effortless setup and configuration

Concise and fluent API

The ability to write easily readable code

Powerful selectors and additional locator strategies

Quick and easy element finding

Stable tests due to the availability of smart auto waiting

Additional convenient methods

Automated screenshot taking on every test failure

DeviQA’s Selenide test automation services


Automated functional testing of web applications


Automated acceptance testing of web applications


Automated regression testing of web applications

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Our workflow

To establish a smooth QA process and deliver exceptional results, the DeviQA specialists adhere to the following steps:

Comprehensive study and analysis of project documentation

Making a decision on the automation scope

Selection of the test scenarios for further automation

Test framework development

Test script writing

Test script run

Test reporting

Test script maintenance

Benefits of Selenide test automation with DeviQA

The DeviQA team deals with numerous projects of different complexity and from the most diverse domains. To supply all the needs of each particular client, our automated QA engineers leverage the most diverse technologies. Selenide is also included in our tech stack, and our specialists harness its power whenever the use of Selenide is relevant. Our Selenide experts know all its strengths and weaknesses and get the most out of it in order to establish an efficient automation testing process and ensure the premium quality of your software. Among the reasons to hire DeviQA for Selenide automation testing, there are:

Extensive expertise in automation testing and Selenide in particular

Impressive track record

Spotless reputation

A vast pool of automation QA engineers with rich hands-on experience in the most diverse test frameworks and tools

Fast onboarding process

Expertise across a wide range of domains

Working in line with the terms and conditions of a non-disclosure agreement

Flexibility in terms of working with teams located in any time zone

Transparent communication and responsiveness

Rich facilities

The use of cutting-edge technologies and keeping up with industry trends

Transparent price policy and affordable rates

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