Application testing for HR Tech company
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Application testing for HR Tech company

DeviQA has provided application testing services for an HR tech company. The team has managed feature, smoke, and regression automation tests and offered test reports.

Mia Bunjac

QA Chapter Lead, Renhead Technology

The review

They are all very responsive, dedicated, focused, and patient.

January 8, 2024

Feedback summary

DeviQA has gone the extra mile to meet the client's requirements. They've demonstrated quality and prompt testing skills and seamlessly adjusted to changes. They've also made easy plans and maintained clear communication. Their patience, commitment, and responsiveness are hallmarks of their work.

Services provided

Application testing


January 2013 - Ongoing







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We are creating an exceptional HR web application with amazing options for our users. We needed: automation tests design and automation tests execution. We outsourced automation testers to develop and maintain the automation process for our application.


Oleg and Eugene were extremely quick to adjust to the changes that were implemented in 2023. for the QA Process. We introduced major improvements that were designed to help with a greater scope of work and they absolutely gave their best effort to fulfill any needs that we had. Most impressive is how committed they are to satisfying all the requirements we had for them. Also, they are so easy to make plans with, they communicate clearly and make the most difficult challenges we face seem as if they are trivial and easy to overcome.

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