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CRM has become one of the key tools for diverse customer-oriented businesses. This kind of software helps significantly improve customer service, retention rate, productivity, efficiency, and sales. It serves as a centralized database and provides accurate analytics and forecasting. While a top-notch CRM system brings multiple benefits, a poorly working CRM solution can adversely impact team performance, customer service, and, consequently, revenue. Therefore, to ensure the sound functioning of a CRM system, it’s crucial to test it scrupulously.

At DeviQA, we provide professional testing of platform-based and bespoke CRM systems. Engage our team, if you are determined to create a CRM solution of superior quality.

Key Benefits of CRM Testing Services

These days CRM software is a valuable tool for enterprises that helps to optimize processes, manage a customer life cycle, and improve customer satisfaction.

An awesome, smoothly working CRM system delivers valuable customer insights and contributes to the improvement of customer loyalty.

On the other hand, a CRM system that is flooded with bugs can considerably affect brand loyalty and reputation. The loss of loyal customers is a nightmare for any business, and with a poor-quality CRM solution, it can become a reality.

Consequently, to let end-users take full advantage of a CRM system, it is essential to test it properly at first.

CRM testing checks the most diverse facets of CRM operation. It ensures the seamless functioning of workflows, consistency of data, its protection, smooth integration with other tools crucial for business running, etc.

To wrap it up, testing is an essential part of CRM success.

What We Offer

The DeviQA QA specialists execute testing of cloud-based and on-premises, platform-based and bespoke, web and mobile CRM software. To deliver excellent results within a short period of time, we leverage both manual and automated testing and perform the whole scope of tests including:

Functional testing

We will check each and every feature of your CRM to make sure that everything works as expected.

Compatibility testing

We will also pay attention to your CRM compatibility with diverse hardware, browser versions, OS versions, and networks.

Performance testing

This type of testing is of primary importance to ensure that your CRM can withstand different loads.

Security testing

Your data should be securely protected, and we will check your CRM for possible security flaws and loopholes.

GUI testing

The way a CRM system looks is also important. That is why we will execute GUI testing to make sure that all GUI elements are available, located where they should be located, look as they should look, and work as they should work.

Usability testing

User-friendliness plays a significant role when it comes to CRM solutions. We will help to check whether a CRM is intuitive, easy to use, and brings a pleasant user experience.

Our CRM Testing Process


Study and analysis of project requirements

First of all, our QA team gets down to project specs and requirements. In case there is a lack of documentation, our QA manager can assist with data gathering.


Test strategy and test plan design

Our QA lead creates a test strategy that includes testing goals, the scope of testing, cost and time estimation, and others. As for the test plan, this test artifact includes information on test coverage, schedule, entry and exit criteria, etc.


Test case design and test execution

Our QA specialists create test cases and execute them. If automation testing is relevant, our automation QA engineers also get into the game, script corresponding test cases and scenarios, and carry out automated testing. Detected bugs are reported in a timely manner.


Test summary report

Finally, we provide you with a comprehensive test summary report. It contains information about testing activities, testing coverage, and defects found in a CRM.

Why test CRM with DeviQA

DeviQA is a software testing company that can become your reliable partner. We have brilliant CRM testing experts on the staff who know how to ensure the high quality of CRM systems. Still, this is not the only reason to cooperate with us.


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