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Today there is a wide choice of test automation frameworks. Which one to use depends mainly on the peculiarities of your projects. As for SpecFlow, it is very similar to Cucumber and focuses on meeting the needs of behavior-driven development. What makes it special is that it is designed especially for .Net projects. The DeviQA team has rich expertise in using this framework and can help you implement a decent QA process as well as gain desired results.

SpecFlow automation testing

SpecFlow is a popular, open-source test automation framework supporting BDD and ATDD. It is a perfect match for testing web apps with the .Net framework. With the help of SpecFlow, it is easy to define, manage, and execute easily readable test cases.

With SpecFlow, you can create test cases using simple Gherkin syntax and one of the seventy supported natural languages. This helps to establish solid communication between subject matter experts and developers as well as technical and non-technical team members. Then, created test cases are tied to the application code with the help of so-called bindings, giving you the opportunity to execute them using any preferred testing framework. Moreover, tests can be executed using SpecFlow+ Runner, which is SpecFlow’s own test runner that comes with advanced options and reports in the HTML, XML, and JSON formats.

Integrations with IDEs like Visual Studio and Rider as well as integrations with NUnit, xUnit, MSTest, Browserstack, Azure DevOps, Autofac, and others also significantly simplify a testing process.

Advantages of test automation with SpecFlow

Many QA specialists have found SpecFlow very helpful. It can be indeed the best option for your .Net project due to the plethora of benefits that the framework has. Here are some of them:

The framework gives an opportunity to create dynamic and reusable test cases

Any team member can provide their feedback or take part in writing test cases as long as a natural language is used for this purpose

Support of BDD promotes close cooperation between developers, QA specialists, business analysts, and other team members

Automated identification of breaking changes in the course of testing ensures fast and secure delivery

Synchronous generation of system documentation

Availability of numerous hooks for almost any occasion

The ability of test prioritization gives an opportunity to test in one run only particular scenarios

The ability to scope functionality enables the use of the same test definition for executing multiple test scripts

Smooth integration with Visual Studio and complete Visual Studio debugger support

How we work

Our SpecFlow automation testing services contribute to the success of your project. Our specialists can implement automated testing from scratch. The workflow usually includes the following stages:


Framework development


Test writing


Test execution


Test reporting


Test maintenance

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Why choose DeviQA for SpecFlow automation testing

DeviQA is a reputable software testing company with a great track record. Over the years, our team has strived to provide our clients with services meeting the highest standards. Therefore, we keep up with the latest industry trends and leverage a great variety of automation tools. Among others, we have brilliant SpecFlow experts on the staff who have a great deal of projects under their belt. While our QA specialists are our main asset and proud, there are also other reasons to hire us for SpecFlow automation testing:

Extensive expertise in quality assurance

The use of the most cutting-edge technologies

Responsibility and responsiveness

Experience in working with a variety of tools and frameworks

Lightning-fast onboarding

Client-oriented approach

High level of client satisfaction

Efficient cooperation and communication irrespective of time difference

Affordable rates

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