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In the highly competitive world of software development, ensuring the seamless functioning of your mobile applications across various devices and platforms is paramount. This is where Appium Automation Testing Services step in, offering a robust solution to elevate the efficiency and reliability of your mobile app testing process. If you find yourself grappling with the challenges of cross-platform development, scalability, frequent code changes, test coverage, cost-efficiency, and user experience, Appium Automation Testing Services are the key to taking your mobile app testing strategy to new heights. Embrace automation and empower your team to deliver high-quality applications that shine brightly in a crowded digital landscape.

When Do You Need Appium Automation Testing Services?

Cross-Platform Application Development

If your organization develops applications that need to run smoothly on both Android and iOS platforms, Appium Automation Testing Services become indispensable. Appium's cross-platform compatibility ensures consistent testing across diverse environments, streamlining your testing efforts and reducing time-to-market.

Scalability and Continuous Integration

As your application evolves and expands, manual testing can become a bottleneck. Appium Automation Testing Services provide a scalable solution, allowing you to seamlessly integrate automated tests into your continuous integration pipeline. This ensures that every code change is rigorously tested, preventing potential regressions and enhancing the overall stability of your application.

Frequent Code Changes

In agile development environments where code changes are frequent, maintenance of test consistency becomes challenging. The ability of Appium to work with different programming languages and integrate with various testing frameworks makes it an ideal choice for dynamic projects. Appium Automation Testing Services enable you to execute tests swiftly, adapting to evolving codebases with ease.

Enhanced Test Coverage

Manual testing often struggles to provide comprehensive coverage, especially in scenarios where hundreds of test cases need to be executed. Appium Automation Testing Services empower you to achieve extensive test coverage by executing tests across multiple devices and operating system versions simultaneously, ensuring the seamless work of your application in diverse scenarios.

Time and Cost Efficiency

Manual testing can be time-consuming and expensive. Appium Automation Testing Services offer a cost-effective alternative by significantly reducing the time and resources required for repetitive testing tasks. This allows your testing team to focus on more complex scenarios, improving the overall quality of your application.

Ensuring Great User Experience

In today's competitive market, user experience is paramount. Appium's ability to simulate real-user interactions ensures that your application performs seamlessly, providing a reliable and consistent experience across various devices. Appium Automation Testing Services help you identify and address potential user experience issues before your app is delivered to end-users.

Appium Automation Testing Services

Empower your mobile application testing with our top-notch Appium Automation Testing Services. Our Appium experts bring in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience, ensuring comprehensive coverage of your mobile QA needs.

Consulting on Mobile Test Automation with Appium

Are you looking to automate your mobile tests but unsure where to start? Do you want to optimize your existing test automation strategy? Our team of Appium consultants is here to assist you. We are ready to guide you in designing effective test automation strategies, adopting best practices, and implementing optimal testing approaches to enhance efficiency.

Designing Mobile Test Automation Plans

Appium test automation needs to be thoroughly planned to avoid gaps and ambiguities and ensure test efficacy. We design detailed test automation plans for mobile apps that encompass defining objectives, selecting and prioritizing test cases, outlining requirements for test environments, and identifying key metrics to measure automation effectiveness.

Creating Robust Appium Automation Solutions

Regardless of the stage of your development journey, our team can create a robust automation solution from scratch using the capabilities of the Appium framework. Guided by your needs and objectives, we build reliable, scalable, and easy-to-maintain solutions that propel the quality of your mobile apps.

Developing a Test Automation Architecture

A resilient test automation architecture is a key to success. Developing a test automation architecture we take into consideration all nuances including test suite structure, test data handling, integration with CI/CD pipelines, integration with external systems, and others. This comprehensive approach ensures the efficiency of our Appium-based test automation solutions.

Creating Test Suites

Addressing your unique mobile testing requirements, we design tailor-made test suites for comprehensive regression testing and rapid smoke testing. Our goal is to maximize test coverage efficiency while optimizing execution time for your mobile applications.

Integrating Tests into CI/CD Pipelines

Our engineers seamlessly integrate automated tests created with Appium into your CI/CD pipelines. By making testing an integral part of your mobile development lifecycle, we reduce feedback loops, speed up releases, and ensure the exceptional quality of your mobile applications.

Providing Continuous Support and Maintenance

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond implementation. We offer ongoing support and maintenance services to keep your Appium-based mobile tests up-to-date with changes in your applications and advancements in mobile technology.

Elevate your software quality with our cutting-edge QA solutions.

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Choose Your Cooperation Model

At DeviQA, our clients come first. Recognizing the diverse needs you may have, we provide several collaboration models. Choose the one that best aligns with your goals and preferences.

Staff Augmentation

Quickly and easily scale up your internal QA team with our Appium experts to fill skill and knowledge gaps.

  • Best Option For: Short-to-medium-term projects requiring specific expertise in automation testing with Appium to successfully achieve QA goals.

  • Gain access to in-depth Appium expertise that your in-house team currently lacks.

  • Add extra Appium experts for your project without any long-term commitments or overhead costs associated with hiring full-time employees.

  • Quickly adapt to changing project requirements by scaling your team up or down.

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Dedicated Team

Get at your disposal a dedicated, full-fledged QA team assembled with consideration for the specific needs of your project.

  • Best Option For: Long-term projects with evolving requirements and businesses that require a dedicated QA team for continuous testing and support.

  • A dedicated team works exclusively on your project and gains a clear understanding of your business goals and processes.

  • Scale your dedicated team up or down based on your project requirements.

  • Maintain direct control over a QA process, ensuring its alignment with your requirements.

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Let us take full responsibility for the entire QA process, from test planning to reporting, letting you focus on your core business activities.

  • Best Option For: Businesses looking to completely offload testing responsibilities and companies for which cost-efficiency is a primary concern.

  • Eliminate the need for in-house testing infrastructure, recruitment, and staff training.

  • Leverage our specialized skills and established testing processes for rapid and effective results.

  • Access a diverse range of testing professionals with varied skill sets.

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Partner with DeviQA: see the difference

Test coverage :



2.5 weeks to run regression testing

1 day to run regression testing

7 days to run smoke testing

1 day to run smoke testing

Outdated test cases

60% increase in the number of regression tests and relevant test cases

50% test coverage

90% test coverage

Supported localizations were not tested

27 localizations supported by QA engineers

No automation testing

>1500 automated test scenarios created

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Dev capacity:



Didn’t have a formal QA process

Built smooth and well-working processes

Didn’t make automated testing

Test automation : smoke, API, UI on all supported browsers

Testing was carried out by the devs

Full coverage of the application by test cases

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Test coverage :



Existing workflow in Jira didn’t allow to understand how many bugs were left unfixed before the release and their priorities

Adjusted the Jira workflow, integrated TestRail with Jira to be able to see statisticls of the issues per release

The lack of test documentation

Developed necessary test artifacts that adhere to industry standards and are easily maintainable

No Automation test coverage

Added multithreading to run tests in parallel on 10 different threads, which reduced the time of the test run in 7 times

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