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People all over the globe have an insatiable appetite for helpful and engaging mobile apps supplying their diverse needs. Consequently, mobile app development is as relevant as ever. However, to reach for the stars, a mobile app must be of sky-high quality. That is where test automation with Appium comes in handy. Test automation gives an opportunity to deliver stunning mobile apps quickly especially when such a highly-efficient testing tool as Appium is leveraged.

Appium automation testing

Appium is a leading test automation framework and a household name. It is open-source and appropriate to test mobile applications of all types.

In technical terms, Appium can be defined as a web server that connects with a client, identifies a command, executes it, and sends a response with the results of the execution. Such client-server architecture provides many opportunities. First of all, test code can be designed in any programming language with an HTTP client API. Secondly, the server can be set on any other machine that is not the one on which testing runs. Thirdly, test scripts can be crafted with a reliance on cloud services to realize command receiving and interpretation.

To wrap it up, Appium is the right choice because it lets QA specialists test any mobile app, write test code leveraging different languages, and have total access to databases and application programmer interfaces. Thanks to Appium, mobile app testing is considerably more efficient!

Advantages of test automation with Appium

Appium is heavily used by numerous QA teams in different corners of the world since it offers valuable features and an abundance of benefits. Appium is indeed irreplaceable in terms of mobile app testing because of its multiple advantages. So, we would like to draw your attention to the most noteworthy of them:

Support of all the leading platforms - iOS, Android, and Windows

Test reusability gives an opportunity to save a ton of a QA team's effort and time as once created test code can be run across all supported platforms

Suitability for testing native mobile apps, hybrid mobile apps, and mobile web apps

A choice among Java, Python, JS, PHP, C#, Ruby, and other languages

Synchronization with the TestNG that comes with a great variety of additional helpful features

Comprehensive test reports and data logs

The ability to detect and investigate bugs rooted in the back-end side because Appium provides total control over application programmer interfaces and databases

The ability to carry out testing through the use of emulators, simulators, and real mobile devices

Quick test execution thanks to synchronous test running on various iOS or Android sessions

Support of cloud-based testing

The way we work

As a rule, DeviQA’s Appium experts arrange the work using a sequence of the following steps:


Thorough project study and analysis


Definition of the automation scope


Selection of the test scenarios to be automated


Test framework development


Test script design


Test script execution


Test script maintenance

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Why choose DeviQA for Appium automation testing

DeviQA is the go-to for the most diverse QA services. Appium automation testing is among them too. There are plenty of reasons to team up with DeviQA. Here are some of them:

The wealth of experience and expertise in quality assurance and automation testing

Committed and responsive QA team

Fast and seamless onboarding process

A rich talent pool that also includes best-of-breed Appium specialists

Complete compliance with all the terms and conditions of an NDA

Transparent communication

Exhaustive and clear reporting

Keeping pace with modern technological advances and innovative testing tactics

Expertise in working with different development methodologies, including Scrum, Kanban, etc.

Cost-effecting testing solutions without any compromising on quality

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