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DevOps is essential to ensure your project's success. Cloud infrastructures, continuous deployments, virtual environments, testing on the fly - all of this is not possible without DevOps' assistance.

DevOps support provides full automation deployments that can help save you considerable amounts of money and human resources for complex projects. In addition, using container environment solutions like Docker will give you the ability to use the same environment on any machine in just one operation.

It must be said that we have had a brilliant experience in providing DevOps as a service across different types of project. We have solutions for Start-ups as well as for Enterprise clients. Our DevOps outsourcing team is here and ready to help.

Our DevOps services


Infrastructure as Code

Control and track the current state of your system.


Continuous Delivery

Deploy your application once it's ready using any of the popular CI/CD tools.


Container Management

Continually consistent environment through all your servers being up and running with just a few commands.


Blue-Green Deployment

Reduce risks and downtime for new deployments.


Process Automation

Automate repeated steps of your current infrastructure setup.


Infrastructure Monitoring

Monitor and find issues with the application immediately.

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Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as code gives you the ability to maintain your application infrastructure the same way as you would do for your code. It is also best practice to add your 'infrastructure code' to the version control to track the changes. In so doing, a considerable amount of time will be saved because you can code your environment one time only, and, after this, hundreds of instances could be up and running or redeployed at the touch of a button.

You should take into account that infrastructure as a code is not a simple solution, and if you are using traditional infrastructure, you also need a reliable partner that can help you to bring it to life. Our DevOps outsourcing team has completed a wide range of projects, thus transforming the traditional approach to infrastructure as a code.

Continuous Delivery

The continuous delivery process is currently very popular. If you want to follow the Agile methodology, you will need continuous delivery and a continuous integration process in place. The goal of the continuous integration process is to integrate all parts of development, building, and testing in one automated pipeline. The continuous delivery process starts after all stages of integration are successfully completed, and as a result, your tested application is deployed to a specific environment.

The main advantage of the CI/CD process is the ability to deploy your application immediately once it's ready. This brings a peerless experience to your clients. You should not push your team to deploy and test a new feature or hotfix; all these activities will be done automatically. Our DevOps solutions are here to help you and your business to new levels of productivity.

Container Management

Containerization solves two tasks. The first is a consistent environment through all your servers. The second is to spin up as many containers as your current load of application needs. If you only have a huge number of users in business hours, you do not need the extra power of your cloud farm at night. You can quickly reduce many of your costs by stopping some of the containers that you do not need on a nightly basis but, in the morning, spin up them again. It does not matter how complicated your environments are - our DevOps services will provide solutions for all of them.

Blue-Green Deployment

The idea of blue-green deployment is to reduce downtime as well as risks between deployments. Two copies (so-called 'green' and 'blue') of an application should be up and running, but only one should serve production traffic. Once a new version (green) is prepared to go live, a load balancer switches server traffic to the new environment, and the old one (blue) becomes idle.

If something unexpected should happen with the green version, then environments could be easily switched back to the blue version to rollout changes.

Process Automation

Repeated activities should always be considered for automation. Infrastructure and deployments are no exceptions. It makes no sense to perform the same actions several times a day. Here, process automation takes place. A fully automated process could be performed using a combination of several tools: configuration management, version control, ci/cd server, ChatOps tool, etc.

Using process automation provides you with the ability to reduce the human factor during infrastructure setup as well as testing or deployments.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Infrastructure monitoring is the key to finding potential issues at the earliest stages. Once monitoring tools are setup, you will be able to have all logs in one place, search logs using queries, visualize your data, and receive alerts immediately once a specific action has been performed.

Modern monitoring tools are not just about logs, they also can help you to identify your performance issues, gain a clear understanding of your user's activities, and provide insights into what version of your application is used by your clients and what hardware and software they are using.

Typical process:


Defining DevOps goals


Client infrastructure analysis


Developing deployment and infrastructure plans


Implementing DevOps plans


Developing documentation of the DevOps process

Frameworks, Tools and Solutions


Circle CI



Travis CI


Google Cloud


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