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To hit the market with outstanding software, please end-users, and keep them engaged, it is essential to pay particular attention to the quality of the developed solution. These days quality assurance activities are executed synchronously with a development process. Moreover, advanced automation testing tools make software testing not only more efficient but also much faster. TestNG is a test automation framework that simplifies automation testing and significantly contributes to the quality and success of modern software.

TestNG automation testing

TestNG is a widely-used test automation framework designed for Java on the principles of JUnit and NUnit. The variety of advanced and useful features makes this open-source framework more robust and helpful compared to its competitors.

Owing to prioritization, grouping, numerous annotations, test skipping, and a plethora of many other features TestNG is in high demand these days.

Reporting is worth particular attention. While TestNG provides a great report by default, it also gives an opportunity to adjust it. For example, if it is needed, additional information can be printed during test execution, screenshots can be taken on each test failure, or test results can be written in an Excel spreadsheet.

TestNG also stands out from similar automated testing frameworks due to its suitability for software testing on all levels. Thus, with its help unit testing, integration testing, system testing, and acceptance testing can be executed.

Reasons to use TestNG automation testing

Nowadays, the market offers a great variety of test automation frameworks, but just a few have such an army of followers as TestNG has. The thing is that it comes with an abundance of helpful features and provides numerous benefits. Let's have a look at some of the most important ones:

Easy to understand annotations

The availability of parametrization feature

The ability to group and prioritize tests

Easier test maintainability thanks to allowing dependency on multiple methods

Parallel test execution in multiple ways

Default reporting in HTML and XML formats and an opportunity for report customization

Data-driven testing support

Flexible test configuration

Integration with the most diverse tools and plug-ins

Suitability for testing on all levels

DeviQA’s TestNG automation testing services

Taking into account the capabilities of TestNG, the DeviQA team offers automated functional testing on all levels:


Integration testing


System testing


Acceptance testing

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Why is DeviQA the best fit for TestNG automation testing?

DeviQA has been around the block a few times. For over a decade we have dealt with projects of all kinds, sizes, and complexity. To deliver exceptional results our automation QA engineers have leveraged a wide range of test automation tools and frameworks. TestNG has a special place in our tech stack. Our team has heavily used it and ensured high quality across numerous projects with its help. Rich expertise in TestNG backed by profound experience in automated testing and quality assurance in general always helps us deliver awesome results. Besides, there are many more reasons to cooperate with us:

The most seasoned QA specialists with varied backgrounds

Extensive domain expertise

Great track record

Rich facilities

Efficient and transparent communication

Commitment and passion for doing work well

Strict adherence to a non-disclosure agreement

Meeting deadlines

Affordable rates

Flexible engagement models

Keeping up with modern technologies and the latest industry trends

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