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Taking into account the complexity of modern applications and the high demands of today’s users, the testing phase is a must for any development process. With modern advanced automation testing solutions, software testing can be not only efficient but also fast. CodeceptJS is one of them. With its help, you can achieve perfection, and DeviQA is ready to provide you with expert assistance.

CodeceptJs automation testing

CodeceptJS is a state-of-the-art end-to-end testing framework that offers syntax in a BDD style. Functional and acceptance tests are written as a linear usage scenario, but when it comes to the test execution, CodeceptJS delegates it to helpers.

If a web application is tested, a choice can be made among such helpers as Selenium Webdriver, TestCafe, Puppeteer, Protractor, and Nightmare. The helpers share the same API, due to which tests mostly can migrate painlessly from Webdriver to Protractor or any other helper.

In the case of testing a mobile application, such helpers as Appium and Detox can be used. The former is suitable for native and hybrid applications, while the latter is a perfect match for React Native applications.

As for API helpers, these are REST, GraphQL, JSONResponse, MockRequest, ApiDataFactory, and GraphQLDataFactory.

Why choose CodeceptJS automation testing

CodeceptJS has proved itself as a convenient, efficient, and versatile automation testing tool. In many cases, it is considered to be the best choice. No wonder - CodeceptJS has plenty of advantages:

Scenario-driven acceptance testing in BDD-style

Better test readability and maintainability due to the synchronous approach to test writing

An easy switch from one helper to another as the framework is totally agnostic in these terms

Working well with hosted or cloud CI of all types

Interactive debugging suggesting an ability to pause a test at any moment in order to try diverse commands in a web browser

Names, labels, CSS, or XPath are used as element locators

ES6 is used natively without a transpiler

The ability to test web apps and mobile apps

Generation of great reports due to the integration with Allure reporter

Multi-session testing, i.e. the ability to run a test using a few browser windows

Reduced test flakiness

Parallel test execution

Easy data management

The ability to carry out visual testing using Resemble or Applitools

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Benefits of CodeceptJS test automation with DeviQA

DeviQA is a software testing company that puts proficiency before all else. We have best-in-class QA specialists on the staff and strive to be extremely good at everything that we do. To meet the highest standards and stay at the forefront of technology, we learn on an ongoing basis and master the most diverse testing tools. CodeceptJS is one of them. Our specialists have used it in a number of projects and have vast hands-on experience. Still, there are many more reasons to hire us:

Huge expertise in quality assurance

Rich experience in working with the most diverse testing tools and frameworks

Highly professional and knowledgeable QA specialists

Fast onboarding process

Complete dedication

Adjustment to any time zone

Strict adherence to a non-disclosure agreement

Close collaboration and efficient communication

Comprehensive reporting

Expertise across diverse domains

Keeping up with modern technological advances and trends in software testing

Cost-efficiency without compromising on quality

Affordable rates

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