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Test Automation With CodeceptJS

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CodeceptJS is an open-source framework that enables the creation of simple and clean scenario-driven e2e and acceptance tests. The framework supports multiple testing libraries, making it adaptable to various project requirements. You can use it for web, mobile, and API testing.

When Do You Need CodeceptJS Test Automation Services?

Cross-Browser and Cross-Platform Testing

Now, as users access applications on various devices and browsers, it is crucial to ensure a seamless user experience, irrespective of the environment. CodeceptJS simplifies cross-browser and cross-platform testing, enabling you to identify and address compatibility issues proactively.

Regression Testing Challenges

Regression testing becomes more and more complex as your software evolves. With CodeceptJS, you can effortlessly automate numerous repetitive tests while maintaining the integrity of your existing features.

Scalability Requirements

Is your application expanding, leading to an increased testing workload? CodeceptJS supports parallel test execution, ensuring that your test suite scales effortlessly with your growing software ecosystem.

Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) Integration

Seamlessly integrate CodeceptJS into your CI/CD pipeline to automate testing at every stage of development. This approach ensures that potential issues are identified early, preventing them from reaching production and causing disruptions.

Dynamic and Complex Web Applications

If your web application involves dynamic content, asynchronous operations, or complex workflows, CodeceptJS is designed to handle these intricacies with ease. With its help, you can automate even the most intricate test scenarios.

Cost-Effective Test Maintenance

CodeceptJS promotes code reusability and maintainability, reducing the effort required for ongoing test maintenance. This results in a more cost-effective approach to test automation, optimizing your testing budget.

CodeceptJS Automation Testing Services

Our team, made up of seasoned experts in the field, is here to level up your software testing game with the power of automation.

Consulting on Automation Testing with CodeceptJS

We offer personalized consultations to understand your unique needs, helping you map out a strategic approach to implement and maximize the potential of CodeceptJS in your testing framework.

Crafting Automation Testing Plans

Our experienced team meticulously crafts tailor-made automation testing plans using CodeceptJS, ensuring comprehensive coverage and reliable results.

Building CodeceptJS Automation Solutions from Scratch

We take pride in creating scalable, maintainable, and effective test suites that align with your application's unique requirements, ensuring a solid foundation for your automated testing endeavors.

Optimizing Existing CodeceptJS Test Automation Solutions

Through a meticulous review process, we identify bottlenecks, enhance scripts, and implement best practices, ensuring your automation suite operates at its peak performance.

Integrating Tests into CI/CD Pipelines

Our experts specialize in setting up robust CI/CD pipelines and integrating automated tests into them. Due to this, every code change undergoes rigorous testing, and we can guarantee the reliability of your software throughout its development lifecycle.

Providing Continuous Support and Maintenance

Our team ensures that your automated testing ecosystem keeps on bringing value by troubleshooting issues, updating test scripts, or adapting them to changes in your application.

Choose Your Cooperation Model

Discover the cooperation model that suits your unique needs best, and embrace flexibility and efficiency in your software testing journey with CodeceptJS.

Staff Augmentation

Let our CodeceptJS experts seamlessly integrate into your workforce, aligning with your workflows to drive success and help you achieve your goals collaboratively.

  • Best Option For: Projects with in-house QA teams that have an urgent need for specific expertise.

  • Quickly onboard skilled CodeceptJS professionals to fill skill gaps within your team.

  • Easily adjust the size and composition of your QA team based on project demands.

  • Pay for the skills and resources only when you need them, avoiding the labor costs associated with full-time employment.

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Dedicated Team

A dedicated QA team operates as an extension of your in-house resources, collaborating closely with your internal teams to ensure a deep understanding of your business goals and testing requirements.

  • Best Option For: Projects requiring continuous testing, long-term commitments, and a high degree of collaboration with in-house teams.

  • Access a team of specialists with in-depth knowledge of CodeceptJS and your specific industry.

  • Save time and effort on recruiting staff and establishing an in-house QA team.

  • Scale your dedicated team up or down based on project needs, ensuring optimal resource utilization.

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Do your best and outsource the rest. Leverage the specialized skills of a third-party QA team to free up time for your core competencies.

  • Best Option For: Projects with budget constraints, short-term initiatives, or organizations looking to streamline their processes by entrusting test automation to external experts.

  • Reduce operational costs by outsourcing the QA process to a company with a proven track record.

  • Remove geographical borders by accessing a global pool of skilled professionals.

  • Devote more time and resources to core business activities while an outsourced team handles testing.

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Test coverage :



2.5 weeks to run regression testing

1 day to run regression testing

7 days to run smoke testing

1 day to run smoke testing

Outdated test cases

60% increase in the number of regression tests and relevant test cases

50% test coverage

90% test coverage

Supported localizations were not tested

27 localizations supported by QA engineers

No automation testing

>1500 automated test scenarios created

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Dev capacity:



Didn’t have a formal QA process

Built smooth and well-working processes

Didn’t make automated testing

Test automation : smoke, API, UI on all supported browsers

Testing was carried out by the devs

Full coverage of the application by test cases

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Test coverage :



Existing workflow in Jira didn’t allow to understand how many bugs were left unfixed before the release and their priorities

Adjusted the Jira workflow, integrated TestRail with Jira to be able to see statisticls of the issues per release

The lack of test documentation

Developed necessary test artifacts that adhere to industry standards and are easily maintainable

No Automation test coverage

Added multithreading to run tests in parallel on 10 different threads, which reduced the time of the test run in 7 times

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