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Nowadays, app stores are literally overflooded with mobile apps of all kinds. Still, only those of high quality can win users’ hearts and are doomed to success. Therefore, testing is a paramount phase of any mobile app development. To ensure smooth app work, a pleasant user experience, and a quick delivery to the market different test automation tools may be applied. Calabash is a popular test framework that also can contribute to the success of your app.

Test automation with Calabash

Calabash is a widely known test automation framework that is widely leveraged for the creation and running of automated functional tests and acceptance tests for mobile applications. It is cross-platform, so both iOS-powered and Android-powered apps may be verified with its help, and thus there are Calabash-ios and Calabash-android that separate libraries on Github.

Additionally, it is worth noting that Calabash is appropriate for testing native mobile apps and hybrid mobile apps.

Calabash refers to the most user-friendly test frameworks. It has a simple syntax and provides about eighty natural language commands while additional commands can be also implemented with the help of Cucumber and the Java or Ruby languages. In essence, Calabash can be smoothly integrated with any test framework based on Ruby, however, Cucumber is used with it the most frequently.

It operates by enabling automated interactions with a UI of a mobile app like gesturing, inputting text, screenshotting, pressing icons, validating responses, and others.

Why choose Calabash for mobile app testing

There are a variety of test frameworks. Each has its own merits and drawbacks and each of them can be a perfect match in a particular situation. Let’s see what can motivate QA teams to opt for Calabash. Below you can see some of its main advantages:

The framework is open-source

It is cross-platform, and iOS and Android are supported

Calabash is really easy to use thanks to supporting Cucumber

Tests are written in simple and easily readable language so even non-technical stakeholders can gain utter understanding

Its use significantly enhances productivity

Calabash provides an opportunity to make a QA process as well as an application under test robust or consistent;

The framework helps to craft and launch an app of excellent quality

Calabash can be seamlessly integrated with Jenkins and other continuous integration and continuous delivery tools

DeviQA’s Calabash test automation services

To reach the exceptional quality of mobile applications, QA specialists execute testing on diverse levels. In these terms, integration, system, and acceptance tests are performed. DeviQA’s Calabash test automation services come down to automated acceptance testing.

Acceptance testing is executed after all other tests. While being the last, it is not the least. Its aim is to check whether a mobile app meets all the crucial business requirements. As long as it is carried out on the UI level, Calabash works indeed well in this case as a UI testing automation framework.

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Reasons to hire DeviQA for Calabash test automation

DeviQA is striving to be versatile and extremely good at everything that it does. Therefore, the team is armed with a diversity of testing tools and masters them to get the most out of their use and bring clients exceptional results. Calabash is a framework that our QA specialists have used a lot and got aware of all its nuances. They know when it is better to leverage it and in which way. With such rich expertise in Calabash, rest assured that we can help you achieve your objectives. Moreover, there are some more reasons to work with us:

The richest experience in quality assurance

Plenty of highly professional automation QA engineers

Complete commitment

Quick and smooth onboarding process

Efficient communication

Working in line with all the terms and conditions of an NDA

Complete and clear reporting

Rich facilities and extensive testing labs

Keeping up with the latest industry trends

Cost-effecting testing solutions without any compromising on quality.

Expertise in working with different development methodologies, including Scrum, Kanban, etc.

Complete client satisfaction

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