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The agile approach to software development is gaining momentum. Behavior-driven development is a popular agile methodology that evolved from test-driven development. It also suggests writing tests before coding but in this case, tests are more focused on users and the app’s behavior.

Behave takes into account all nuances of BDD and provides an opportunity to exceсute software testing in the best possible way.

Test automation with Behave

Behave is a well-known and widely used Python test framework designed to cover the needs of BDD. It is rather similar to Cucumber.

Behave also enables writing test scenarios in plain easily readable language according to the ‘Given-When-Then’ formula. Due to such simplicity, even non-technical team members like BAs, PMs, and stakeholders can get involved. Then, the steps of the test scenarios are realized through test code written in the Python language. Once defined steps can be reused in other use cases.

On test execution, a test result is provided. In case of failure, the code of the application under test needs to be refactored until the corresponding test passes.

Benefits of Behave test automation

There is a great variety of test automation solutions. Besides, there is a whole range of those designed especially for behavior-driven development. Still, Behave holds a special place among them because of the multiple benefits that it provides. Below you can see some of that are the most important ones:

Quick and effortless setup

Generation of test reports in the JUnit format

Smooth integration with Django, Flask, Jenkins, and other tools

Support of the Gherkin language due to which anyone from a team can be engaged in writing test scenarios

Encouraged interrelations between QA specialists, developers, and business stakeholders resulting in a collective understanding of the developed software

Utter suitability for the BDD practices

Crafted test scenarios serve as a comprehensive project specification that any team member can review

Availability of building blocks to carry out a large variety of test cases

Comprehensive online documentation and guidelines.

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Why choose DeviQA for Behave automation testing

DeviQA is a renowned software testing company that has gained a reputation for delivering excellent software testing solutions. We have a great track record, but what is indeed important is that our team comprises best-of-breed QA specialists with expertise in diverse tools and domains. Behave is one of the test frameworks that we have used a lot in multiple projects. Therefore, we know all aspects of working with it and can help you to reap numerous benefits of Behave automation testing. Beyond rich expertise in Behave, there are many more reasons to work with us:

A wealth of experience in quality assurance;

Having plenty of successful BDD projects under our belt

Extensive expertise in working with a great variety of testing tools and frameworks

Complete commitment and responsibility

Speedy and smooth onboarding process

Adjustment to any time zone

Only highly skilled QA engineers with excellent command of English

Working with total compliance with all the terms and conditions of a non-disclosure agreement

Transparent and efficient communication

Comprehensive reporting

Non-stop self-education and keeping up with modern technological advances

Cost-efficient testing solutions without compromising on quality

Affordable rates

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