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Outsource QA to DeviQA to discover that professional high-quality software testing can be hassle-free and affordable.

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Outsourced Software Testing Services. What is the point?

Outsourcing has proved itself as an efficient business model enabling businesses to take off the burden of performing certain activities internally and hire external vendors for this purpose.

Outsourcing is particularly common in the IT-sphere. Traditionally, companies use it as a cost-cutting measure. Still, it has a whole range of benefits, especially when it comes to QA outsourcing.

Quality and efficiency

When you outsource QA, the service is provided by real experts in the field. As a rule, software testing outsourcing companies specialize exclusively in QA, and they perfectly know all its nuances and pitfalls. Consequently, you can be sure that your product is in the right hands.

On-demand scaling

By hiring a software testing outsourcing company, you have an opportunity to painlessly scale up or scale down your QA team depending on the current workload and project needs.


One more advantage of QA outsourcing is that it is definitely cheaper than an in-house QA team. By outsourcing software testing services you can forget about ongoing expenses related to wage disbursements, renting, equipment procurement, license fees, etc. Moreover, if you partner with an offshore outsourcing company, you can benefit from significantly lower rates without compromising on the quality of rendered QA services.

Time efficiency

Instead of dedicating a ton of time and putting a lot of effort into a hiring process, it is always better to outsource software testing to a team of experts that is ready to get down to your project almost at once. So if you have extremely tight deadlines, QA outsourcing is definitely a way to go.

Objective evaluation

By engaging an external QA team you can be sure that their evaluation of your product quality will be objective. Such teams can see the big picture and do not have prejudices and preferences which enable them to execute unbiased testing.

Concentration on core business issues

With outsourced QA testing services, you can shift your focus from QA-related things to other important business issues like branding, marketing, or new initiatives.

The expert QA team is here for your needs

Are you desperate to find a reliable software testing service provider? No worries! Our professional QA team is at your disposal. DeviQA has been in the industry for over ten years and has managed to gain rich experience and extensive domain expertise. We provide top-notch QA testing services for startups and established companies from the USA, Western Europe, Australia, and the Middle East. Our team consists of more than 200 QA engineers both manual and automation. They have diverse technical backgrounds and skillsets which lets us provide our customers with QA specialists that are a perfect match for their particular needs. So, if you want your application to make a splash, entrust its quality to our dedicated team.

At DeviQA, we work hard to erase borders between on-site and outsourced teams.

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Key benefits of software testing outsourcing to DeviQA

DeviQA has gained a reputation as a leading force in the software testing industry. By outsourcing QA to our competent team, you can be sure of receiving excellent results. Partnership with DeviQA can be indeed beneficial for you for a number of reasons:


Deep experience

Over the years our team has served a lot of businesses from the most diverse domains. It has enabled us to gain different experiences and domain knowledge due to which we can address projects of any kind, complexity, and size.


Adaptability to the chosen development methodology

Whether you have opted for the traditional Waterfall development model or one of the Agile development methodologies, our team can draw up a corresponding testing strategy and carry out testing in the best possible way.



Today security and complete confidentiality are of primary importance for a lot of projects. Therefore, DeviQA takes all the needed measures and has consistent data security strategies in place.



Our experience lets us efficiently deal with unexpected changes in conditions, requirements, deadlines, etc. We always quickly and without excessive bureaucracy respond to such surprises in order not to let them affect product quality.



We ensure a controllable, scalable, and value-driven QA workflow and have total control over budget and timeline by leveraging battle-tested project management solutions and testing tools.



Transparency is one of our core principles. To keep all members of a product team in a loop, we regularly prepare comprehensive testing reports and submit them to all the concerned parties.


Fast onboarding

We can quickly cherry-pick appropriate QA specialists for you and smoothly integrate them into your team without any procrastination.


Advanced testing technologies and extensive stock of testing devices

To provide the best possible results, we use the most cutting-edge testing technologies and techniques. Besides, understanding the importance of testing on real devices the company has a rich choice of them.


Fair costs

DeviQA offers a transparent pricing policy. So working with us, you will not face hidden costs and have your testing budget under overall control.

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Outsourced Software Testing Services We Provide

You can apply to DeviQA for a wide array of outsourced QA services:

Manual and automated testing;

SaaS, IoT, web, mobile, and desktop app testing;

Functional testing, performance testing, GUI testing, usability testing, compatibility testing, cybersecurity testing, and full-cycle testing;

Cloud testing, API testing, database testing;

Software testing consultancy and QA audit.

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Popular Questions

How many overlapping hours of work do you provide?

We provide at least 4 hours of overlapping work. In most cases, this is enough for our clients and their teams.

I want to hire QA outsourcing for mobile testing services. Should I buy devices for you as well?

No, that is not necessary. We have pool of more than 50 real mobile devices that we use for mobile testing.

How I can be sure that your offshore QA team has exact skill set required?

We can provide examples of our previous work as well as develop a free proof of concept to prove our skills.

Are you working on fixed price projects?

Most projects are too involved for a fixed price, but if you have specific needs, we will be happy to help you at a fixed price.

How quick your team could be extended?

We need up to 1 week to provide extension to the current outsourcing services.

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