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What is Manual QA Testing

Software of any kind is created by people and for people. Therefore, there is always a high probability that certain mistakes have been made. As a result, software testing is indeed essential in order to detect bugs in a timely manner and ensure high product quality.

Software manual testing is the backbone of the entire quality assurance process. It is impossible to guarantee the first-class quality of a product without manual testing procedures. Manual testing, as its name implies, is performed by a human. It is considered to be quite simple as there is no need for rich coding expertise and knowledge of certain test automation tools. Still, good attention to detail, logical reasoning, out-of-the-box thinking, critical thinking, and diligence are of great importance. The thing is that, in general, manual testers interact with software in the same way that end-users do, try to check as many flows as possible, and catch bugs before real users will stumble upon them.

The question may arise of whether it makes sense to carry out manual testing while automation testing is considered to be a more progressive, speedy, and accurate way to ensure high app quality. Well, automation testing is indeed powerful, but even it cannot completely replace manual testing. On its own automation cannot bring desired results. What it can and actually should do is complement manual testing in a smart way.

When is manual testing relevant?

Probably you have heard that in the world of fashion the little black dress is considered to be a versatile and essential piece of cloth that should complete the wardrobe of every woman. So manual testing plays the role of the little black dress in the world of quality assurance. All kidding aside, manual testing is indeed always relevant whatever type of project you have. You may reflect upon whether to implement automation testing or not. As for manual testing, it lies at the core of any quality assurance process. There are many reasons for this, and below you can see the most prominent ones:

Every software before getting stable is always tested only manually;

All test scenarios before being automated are checked manually;

All newly added features are checked manually at first;

Not all test scenarios can be automated;

Certain types of software testing and usability testing, in particular, require human interference.

Advantages of Manual Software Testing Services


Testing from the perspective of end-users

In essence, a manual tester replicates the way end-users interact with a system including obvious and non-obvious activities. Consequently, in this situation, a report from a manual tester can be considered as a potential user’s feedback which is very important.


Accurate and comprehensive feedback on UI/UX

While interacting with an application, end users pay particular attention to its usability and look. Still, any machine or program cannot efficiently assess the way a certain app looks and feels. This mission rests solely with a human. Therefore, UI testing and usability testing are a prerogative of software manual testing.



While automation testing is a surefire way to save a fortune when it comes to large-scale projects, the QA testing manual is definitely a way to go for small-scale projects. The thing is that test automation requires significant investments that are paid back only in the long run. Consequently, if you have a small project automation is just a waste of time and money. A team of manual QA engineers can cover all your needs.


Testing on the spur of the moment

Manual testing can be executed with little or no preparation at all. A good example is research testing that is executed without having any test cases at hand. In this case, a human tester comes up with on-the-fly test scenarios just to reveal various capabilities of a system. In the same way, any bug submitted by customer support can be quickly reproduced and investigated as no code writing and execution are needed. In general, quality assurance manual testing is more flexible in these terms. The implementation of automated testing on the contrary requires a lot of time. It takes indeed a lot of time to set up an automation environment and write test scripts.


Creativity and cognition

Automated testing is straightforward. Automated tests check only those aspects of the app that have been considered by an automation QA engineer during test script writing. When it comes to manual software testing services, human testers leverage their cognitive abilities to the full extent including logic and reasoning, memory, analysis, attention, etc. Consequently, in the course of manual software testing, a QA expert can easily switch from one test scenario to another, predict possible issues, reveal risks, and catch bugs on the fly.

Software That We Can Test

DeviQA has a breadth of experience due to which we offer a rich suite of manual software testing services. Our seasoned QA experts provide comprehensive testing of different types of software across the most diverse domains:

Web apps

Our highly professional manual testers deal with web projects of the most varied complexity and size. They apply the most efficient manual testing techniques and execute the most diverse tests to check all aspects of your web app operation. Rest assured that all needed test activities will be performed to ensure sky-high quality.

Mobile apps

Whether you need to test a native iOS/Android/Windows mobile app or a cross-platform application, we can provide you with top-notch manual QA testing services. Our team will execute a rich set of testing procedures to thoroughly check the functionality, compatibility, usability, consistency, and robustness of your mobile app.

Desktop apps

While mobile apps are an obvious leader in the market, desktop apps are still in use. Our exceptional manual software testing services ensure compliance with requirements, robustness, stability, security, and smooth work of desktop apps across different platforms. Whether you have a CRM solution, ERP system, industrial automation system, healthcare app, SaaS, or PaaS solution our team has the required expertise and resources to provide first-class quality.


Wearables are gaining traction, especially in the healthcare industry. Our manual software testing services help to deliver to the market top-notch wearable devices and apps. Our team carefully checks the behavior of wearable products in real-life conditions to ensure their smooth work, reliability, security, and compliance with corresponding regulations in different jurisdictions.

Our Approach To Manual Software Testing

The DeviQA experts take seriously the performance of their duties. The whole manual testing process consists of a number of steps. First of all, we thoroughly study available business and functional requirements, technical specs, mockups, etc., and identify the goals, needs, and users’ expectations.

On the ground of the gained knowledge, the required time and resources are estimated, and QA engineers define the scope of testing, a QA team lineup, the requirements for a test environment, and many more. Besides, they decide on all the testing activities to be performed. All in all, all aspects of the work that needs to be done are reflected in a test strategy and a test plan that our QA experts make up. After that, our team passes on to the active preparatory work. It writes test cases in an approved test management system, sets up a testing environment maximum replicating a production environment, and generates testing data whose importance cannot be overestimated.

The next step is test execution. As soon as a new software build is deployed to the test environment, manual testers check it against written test cases. The main goal is to make sure that the app indeed works as expected. In case, some issues are detected they are at once logged into a bug tracking tool with a clear explanation for developers who will work on their elimination. After the bug fixing a corresponding feature is retested to be sure that the issue has been resolved and everything works as should work.

Whenever the whole set of tests is performed, an overall test report is generated to inform a Client about the work that has been done and the current software quality.

DeviQA’s Manual Testing Process In Brief


Analysis of project requirements


Design of a test strategy and a test plan


Design of test cases


Test environment setup and test data generation


Test execution and bug reporting


Retesting after bug fixing


Test report generation

Types of Manual Software Testing Services We Provide

As one of the leading software testing companies, DeviQA offers a rich set of manual software testing services to provide an utterly comprehensive check of each software product. Thus, our range of services includes:


User Interface Testing

Users assess not only the functionality that an app offers but also the way it looks. In the course of manual software testing our quality assurance specialists check UIs to make sure that all their elements are available, work according to the specifications, and look in compliance with mockups.


Usability Testing

This type of software testing cannot be overemphasized. It is carried out to define whether the software is intuitive enough and user-friendly. The goal of usability testing is to make sure that end users will not have any challenges while using the app and easily understand the way it is actually used. This is indeed essential in order to keep users engaged. To execute usability testing we engage real users and a QA manager who acts as an observer. The insights from usability testing help to enhance user experience.


Compatibility Testing

We execute compatibility testing to make sure that the app works seamlessly irrespective of hardware types, operating systems, browsers, databases, and networks.


Functional Testing

Software testing of this type is performed to check whether the functionalities of the software work as expected. Depending on particular needs regression testing, smoke testing, and sanity testing, which are subtypes of functional testing, are carried out.


Exploratory Testing

From time to time, in the course of software testing, QA experts execute exploratory testing which is software checking on the fly without using any predesigned test cases or other documentation.


Localization testing

In case an app is going to target the global market, localization testing is considered compulsory. In its course, our QA experts verify whether the date and time formats, currency, language, symbols, icons, and graphics are properly customized for each particular country.

Our Manual Testing Tools

Our manual QA engineers deal with the following manual testing tools that in general are various test case management solutions and bug-tracking systems:







Azure Devops

Proof of concept lets you to review the architecture and get a feel for the automation test suite.

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Why DeviQA?

Today there are many providers of manual software testing services, and you may ask why DeviQA is the right choice. Well, we would not want to boast, but there are indeed a lot of reasons to partner with us. Here are some of them:


Stellar reputation

We have been in software testing for a long time and our clientele is indeed extensive. Among our clients, there are businesses from different corners of the world engaged in the most diverse industries. All of them have been satisfied with our professional manual software testing services which is confirmed by numerous positive feedback and high ratings of DeviQA on different platforms.


High employee retention rate

We strive to establish long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships not only with our clients but also with our employees. They are provided with comfortable working conditions, ongoing professional growth, and many other perks. Consequently, by hiring our QA experts, you can significantly mitigate the risk of losing your key software testing specialists after a while.


Rich experience

DeviQA offers manual QA testing services for software of different types. Moreover, our QA specialists ace all types of software testing. Therefore, we can supply all your QA needs irrespective of the type of app that you develop.


Expertise across diverse domains

Rich domain expertise can be as important as technical expertise. Our QA engineers have worked on numerous projects in healthcare, education, eCommerce, fintech, banking, advertising and marketing, retail, real estate, and other domains.


Exceptional adaptability

In reality, project requirements may change very often. The DeviQA team is able to deal with frequent requirement changes efficiently. Our specialists are very flexible, quickly tweak a test strategy and find the most appropriate solutions.


Individual approach

There may be similar projects but not identical. Our QA team carefully studies and analyses every project and designs a unique testing strategy that will suit it in the best way possible.



Procrastination is not about us. Our QA specialists get quickly onboarded and without delay get down to studying project requirements, writing test cases, and other activities.


Detailed reporting

Working with us, you will always be aware of the current app quality while your developers will receive short but clear and comprehensive bug reports.


Extensive pool of test devices

For any app, it is important to run equally well across diverse devices that its target audience uses. We have an extensive tool of test devices that we use to check app compatibility and ensure excellent user experience.


Different Engagement Models

When providing manual software testing services, we can offer our customers 2 types of cooperation

Dedicated QA team

Applying for our manual QA testing services, you can get a full-fledged, tight-knit, and self-managed dedicated QA team that will take care of your QA process and ensure the top-notch quality of your app.

Team augmentation

If you have a need to upscale your in-house team quickly and engage moe highly skilled manual QA engineers, then we can offer you our talents. Competency and fast onboarding are guaranteed.

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