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Manual Testing Services

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What is Manual Testing

Manual testing is the backbone of the entire QA process. It is impossible to guarantee a high quality of a product without manual testing procedures. Manual testing, as its name implies, is performed by a human. This type of software testing is the simplest one but helps to detect critical bugs and system vulnerabilities. It doesn't require knowledge of specific automated tools but a set of special skills and a thorough understanding of the project requirements. In other words, manual testing can be defined as a process of software testing performed from the end-users' perspective in order to detect existing defects and provide a high level of product quality.

Advantages of Manual Testing Services:

Test cases and suites for manual tests can be updated much easier, especially when it comes to dynamic projects where requirements constantly change.

A manual tester actually copies a real-user interaction with software; this approach can handle challenging use cases that cannot be covered by automated testing.

There is no replacement for the human eyes and brain. Only a human tester can foresee possible defects and detect bugs on the fly where they have not expected to find.

For the unsophisticated, small-scale projects, manual testing is definitively more cost-efficient.

Manual testing provides more accurate results and comprehensive feedback on UI and UX.

Manual testing enables QA engineers to reproduce defects detected and reported by the end-users quickly.

Software That We Can Test

Due to the extensive range of provided manual testing services, our experienced QA engineers offer comprehensive testing of all types of software for various domains:

Web Applications

Mobile Applications

Desktop Applications


Our Approach To Manual Testing

DeviQA experts take their duties seriously. First of all, they thoroughly study project requirements, define the current state of the product, identify business goals, needs, and expectations of a customer.

On the ground of the collected and analyzed information, our QA specialists make a precise estimation of the time and resources needed to complete the project on time. As soon as everything is agreed upon, a dedicated team of professional QA engineers is assigned and ready to get to work. Team members will carefully study all provided documentation, technical specification, mockups, prototypes, and a complete testing plan will be designed.

After that, work on test case design will be started. QA engineers will use all available resources to make up the most suitable test cases that will cover all needed functions and scenarios. As soon as a product is ready to be tested, your QA team will get to the test case conduction. All detected bugs will be logged into a bug tracking system.

A QA Lead will regularly send daily reports in the prescribed form to the customer throughout the whole testing process.

Types of Manual Software Testing Services We Provide

DeviQA is considered as one of the best manual testing companies because we offer various manual QA testing services and conduct manual testing of different types to provide a comprehensive QA procedure. The set of manual software testing services is defined by the requirements of a certain project. However, the most commonly used types of manual testing services are:


User Interface Testing or UI Manual Testing

Process of the UI checking conducted to ensure that all its elements and characteristics are in compliance with mockups and specifications.


Usability Testing

One of the manual software testing services that cannot be overemphasized; this testing is carried out to define whether the software is user-friendly and easy-to-use.


Compatibility Testing

Testing aimed to ensure that software can properly run on various hardware, devices, OS, and networks.


Manual API Testing

Process of an application programming interface direct testing conducted to define if it meets functionality, performance, and security requirements.


Manual Functional Testing

Type of software testing performed to confirm that the software functionality works as expected.


Manual Regression Testing

Testing conducted after updates to ensure that new software modifications have not affected previously existing functionality.


Manual Integration Testing

Testing performed to ensure that integrated system components work properly.


Manual Exploratory Testing

Software testing conducted by a tester on the fly without previously designed test cases or any other documentation.


Manual Mobile Testing

A complex of software testing procedures conducted to check the functionality, consistency, and reliability of a mobile app.


User Acceptance Testing

Software testing conducted by the end-user or customer before its moving to the production environment to ensure that it meets all requirements.

Our Manual Testing Tools

Our manual QA engineers deal with the following manual testing tools that are generally various test case management solutions and bug tracking systems:







Azure Devops

Proof of concept allows you to review the architecture and get a feel for the automation test suite.

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