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Our Leadership team

DeviQA is built by QA professionals who understand that you have a business to run, products to deliver, customers to delight – and a reputation to protect and enhance. We are the intersection of people, process and technology, delivering industry-leading quality assurance where you need it most. We obsess about customer success, and our customers needs are our driving force.


Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer

Oleg </br> Sadikov
Oleg founded the company with a vision to raise the bar for digital product quality
A unique blend of deep thinker and action orientation, he has a razor focus on the customer and their needs
A tennis enthusiast, he spends weekends on the court, where he pretends that he’s semi-pro and still in with a chance of a Wimbledon wildcard

Dmitry Reznik

Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer

Dmitry Reznik
Dmitry brings deep technology expertise, from architecture to implementation and operation
A commercial thinker, he is always looking for optimisations and efficiencies to drive tech-driven profitability
A lifelong motorsport enthusiast, Dmitry has a very heavy right foot which he loves using on the racetrack, making sure that he always obeys the speed limit at other times...


Chief Strategy Officer

Derek </br> Colvin
Derek has nearly 30 years in tech, including 10 years in high-growth Private Equity and 20 years in CXO roles
A natural collaborator and problem-solver, he excels in bringing multi-disciplined teams together to drive collaboration and deliver novel strategies
Derek is a competition-level road cyclist who spends far too much time and money on shiny carbon fibre to his wife's constant disappointment

Anastasiia Sokolinska

Chief Operating Officer

Anastasiia Sokolinska
Anastasiia is a highly detailed process expert who seeks to understand the smallest of details to deliver exceptional operational performance
With her finger constantly on the pulse of our delivery to our customers, she’s always developing new ways to drive value in our delivery
A trained psychologist, Asya spends her spare time micro-analyzing the management team and refuses to share her various diagnoses with them

Alice Banshchikova

Head of HR Department

Alice Banshchikova
A natural people person, Alice’s expertise powers the core of our talent operations, from acquisition through to retention of our experts
Driven by an empathetic leadership style, her energies towards employee well-being drive her at the core
An avid traveler, she regularly runs out of pages on her passport from her globetrotting adventures, and tries (but usually fails) to recreate at home some of the amazing food she's experienced across Asia