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Blockchain is a relatively new technology. At first, it was associated exclusively with the cryptocurrency and fintech markets. Still, its great ability to securely proceed and store data has led to the expansion of the Blockchain use across diverse domains like healthcare, insurance, retail, real estate, government services and many others. Consequently, we can notice a rapid growth of Blockchain-based applications. Still, to succeed with such an app and ensure customer confidence, nothing should be left to chance, which means that professional Blockchain testing is a necessity that cannot be ignored.

Overview of blockchain testing

Blockchain testing is a far cry from other types of testing. The thing is that blockchain has a unique structure. Its main components are blocks, nodes, ledger, wallet, nonce, hash, smart contract, etc., and it is essential to check each of them as well as to test the whole transaction cycle. In the course of blockchain testing, only blockchain components or an entire blockchain ecosystem can be checked. The latter also suggests reviewing mobile and web apps that interact with Blockchain, PKI, APIs, configuration, networks, etc. All in all, it is impossible to test a blockchain application without an utter understanding of the way this technology works.

Why blockchain app testing is needed

Blockchain solutions may revolutionize the way businesses are operated but only on the condition that they are properly managed. Since this technology is new, and it is constantly evolving and getting more mature, there is no official guidance for secure development of blockchain apps. Due to the lack of information and poor experience, sometimes blockchain apps are developed on the ground of presumption that a chosen approach will work out all right. While some teams introduce really effective security controls and processes, others may miss out on important things. To exclude all risks it is important to check a Blockchain app inside out. A tiny error may cost business owners a lot of money. The thing is that one of the main peculiarities of Blockchain is its irreversibility, i.e. any transaction cannot be deleted, or updated. Therefore, everything should work like the clock from the very beginning.

Blockchain testing services we offer

DeviQA offers end-to-end blockchain testing. Our suit of blockchain testing services includes:

Functional testing

Testing of this type checks whether all functionalities of a blockchain app are working smoothly and according to the requirements. It concentrates on smart contracts, accuracy of transaction details, balances, etc.

Node testing

Due to the fact that blockchain can be defined as a peer-to-peer distributed network with nodes leveraging authentication protocols, it is crucial to test all nodes separately to make sure that their majority approves blocks for their validity to make transactions.

Integration testing

Blockchain has a complex ecosystem with diverse components and interfaces, and it’s essential to check whether all of them properly integrate and synchronize with one another.

API testing

This type of testing checks whether API responses are correct and whether API transfers data properly and securely.

Security testing

Security testing is conducted to detect loopholes and security flaws in a blockchain app that may result in data breach. Access, authentication, data transmission, hash, private keys, wallet signature method, etc. are thoroughly checked in the course of security testing.

Performance Testing

Executing performance testing of blockchain apps our QA engineers check transaction speed, transactions per block, response time of smart contracts, and many more. The main objective is to make sure that the app works smoothly while being under different loads.

Block and chain size testing

To ensure seamless work of an app, we check whether the size of blocks and chains complies with the technology standards.

The way we provide blockchain app testing services



First of all our team thoroughly studies project requirements to clearly understand the structure and work of a blockchain application and make up an appropriate test strategy.



At this stage we work on designing test cases, defining blockchain-specific metrics, creating testing data, and setting up testing environments.


Test execution

The whole scope of tests is conducted to make sure that an application behaves as expected under different conditions.



Finally we provide a comprehensive report on all types of performed tests and a current application state.

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