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API testing focuses on the business logic layer of the software architecture. The goal of API is to have an integration of the application with other services.

During API Testing our QA team perform test cases in terms, that API should be easy to use by other software, secure and of course bugs free.

When we provide API Testing Services, we check different combinations of positive and negative scenarios. It lets you to be confident that your API doesn't have bugs, and the whole application works as expected.

Our offerings include Automated and Manual API testing services.

Benefits of API Testing

Access to the application without UI

Protection against malicious code and hacking

Time efficiency

Reduces the cost of testing

Independent technology

Fast test execution

API Testing Types we provide

When we provide API testing services, we allocate QA engineers who have extensive experience in using API testing tools. It lets you to reduce the time and cost of the testing cycle and increases the performance of the tests:

API Functional Testing - checking the overall health of the API.

API Security Testing - checking the type of authentication and data encryption using HTTPS protocol.

API Regression Testing - checking how API works after bug fixing and new features development.

API Automation Testing - developing API tests to run them regularly.

API Load Testing - checking how much load your API can support.

API Negative Testing - checking how API worked when invalid data provided.

API Documentation Testing - checking the completeness of the guidelines of API calls.

Our API testing methodology consists of


API specification review


Analyzing requirements


Test documentation development


Test framework development


Integration test suite with CI/CD server


Test execution & reporting

How we work when provide API Testing Services


Define tech stack that suites to the current project


Create test cases for all possible combinations to ensure that we complete full test-coverage of API.


Group test cases into categories


Declare all functions of tests


Make tests independent


Specify test data in the entity and not in tests themselves

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Types of defects that can be found during API Testing

Failed to handle invalid conditions

Unused flags

Lack of functionality

API connection difficulties

Security issues

Multithreading Issues

False errors

Incorrect data structuring

Frameworks, Tools and Solutions

JMeter for API Testing


Postman for API Testing


SoapUI for API Testing






Popular Questions

When API testing should start?

It depends on which API testing you need to perform. A lot of applications used the so-called "internal" API to communicate between different parts of the application. We strongly feel that these API endpoints should be tested at priority instead of working on UI testing. The reason for that is that it is a core of the system, and it should work as designed.

Should we do manual or automation API testing?

From our point of view automation API testing is a must. Here are several points:


API automation tests do not depend on UI and are much stable comparison to UI tests


API automation tests development is much faster than UI automation


API automation test runs are blazing fast


API automation tests could be run even after each commit to indicate that API works with no issues

Can we integrate API tests to CI/CD tool?

We think that this is a must. Even if you have postman tests that should be done. It will give you the following benefits:


More visibility of test results for the team


Tests are running without human involvement


Continuous delivery process


Automation testing for each commit


Quick indication of the issue

We would like to order your API testing services, but we do not want to share codebase of our application. Is it possible?

Sure thing. For developing API tests, we do not need access to your codebase. Our API tests could live in a separate repository.

We are using the BDD approach on the project. Can you develop API automation tests in BDD style?

Of course, we can use Cucumber, Behat, Aloe, JBehave, and others.

What tools are you using for manual API Testing?

We prefer to use Postman as a tool for manual API testing due to the following reasons:


Easy to use


Could be integrated with CI/CD tool


Ability to storing test data through different environments


Ability to use variables

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