QA Team: 7 Test Engineers
Project length: 5 years
tests developed
parallel threads run for auto-tests
more maintainable test suite vs. competitors
defects reported with status "major"
bugs reported
test cases designed

The Challenge

Sprinklr offers a tech platform aimed at helping large brands create and manage social campaigns.

The moment when we joined the project, there was a test suite designed and developed by another company from India. Tests were unstable because each one that ran had a different number of randomly failed tests. As a result, the team was not able to rely on the original tests to make the release. Also, they took many hours to be completed. The architecture of the test suite could not be scaled and was difficult to maintain for a large number of tests, and they couldn’t be integrated with other testing and DevOps tools.

The task was to build a formal QA process, stabilize automated tests, and increase their speed. We also learned that we should have redesigned the architecture to support integration with 3rd parties and designed and kept test documentation up to date.


DeviQA designed the architecture of the test framework from scratch and developed more than 2,000 auto-tests. We built a test suite which ran auto-tests using 16 threads on multiple machines. This enabled the results to be received much more quickly. Also, we improved test speeds by adding the prerequisite testing data directly to the database.

A team of seven people performed full cycle testing of the project. Our expertise and solutions enabled us to significantly improve the quality of the product. The designed and developed automated tests allows the product team to rely on and increase the efficiency of development and testing processes. We integrated auto tests with Jenkins, TestRail, and Jira to have a complete test ecosystem up and running.

Performance testing was also a part of the QA strategy designed by DeviQA and was implemented using JMeter. The suite and all scenarios were created from scratch. Remote monitors were setup on the server side and configured to catch the metrics.

Automated and performance tests were integrated into a Continuous Integration process, which enabled the team to detect and solve issues ASAP.

Services Provided

Automated Testing

4 automated QA engineers were responsible for automated test suite architecture design, scripts development, scenarios design, and code maintenance. We worked closely with the client’s in-house development team for a smooth integration into existing development process.

Mobile Testing

Part of our team worked on the mobile version of the application. More than 90% of the app was covered by test cases and 2,000+ mobile bugs were found and reported. 100+ devices were used during the testing process.

Web Testing

Most of the manual and automation testing was focused on Web application. We used such services like BrowserStack and SauceLabs to run tests in cloud. 10 virtual machines used during our QA work.

Dedicated QA Team

A team of 7 engineers worked on the project as a dedicated team. All specialists were smoothly integrated into the client’s team and worked together as a single efficient mechanism. They participated on daily standup, planning, demo, retrospective sessions, and all client’s meetings. They were an integral part of the team.

Client's feedback

DeviQA is a team of excellent engineers. We brought 7 Engineers from DeviQA on board to do manual, test automation via Selenium and QA management. Their work product was excellent. They are extremely intelligent and can easily consume both technical and business requirements. They were also extremely reliable and never missed a deadline or expectation of mine.
Brian Huddleston
VP of Development, Sprinklr