We are Creative QA agency with strong team and outstanding achievements in QA industry.

About page title
  • successfully tested applications

  • 10

    years of SQA experience

  • 100

    automated test suites and frameworks developed

  • 120

    bug reports, test cases

Your reliable partner

We are proud ourselves of having a high performance, result-oriented and cost effective team of skilled Quality Assurance engineers. Over 10+ years we provide successfully Software QA services. More than 500 successfully tested projects. 100+ automated test frameworks and suites were developed. A half of million bugs reported and test cases created.

Our competence, expertise and independence guarantee your product quality to be significantly improved. DeviQA specialization is Quality Assurance and we are the experts in quality domain area. Designed QA solutions are distinguished by reliability.

We havegreat experience in:

  • 95%
    Full-Cycle testing
  • 93%
    Automated testing for Web
  • 88%
    Automated testing for Mobile
  • 95%
    Functional testing
  • 90%
    Load, Performance, Stress testing
  • 80%

Our values

Our mission is to provide the independent and highest quality solutions at affordable prices with flash delivery and top ethical standards.

There are no 100% bugs free applications but there are high quality applications.

By constant innovations among with proven expertise we achieved a really great results. We are team players and work with a soul.

Most popular services we offer:

Automated testing
  • No any recorders, only codding

  • Multithreading and parallel testing

  • Continuous Integration

  • Low level testing (API)

  • Complex solutions work like a single eco system

  • Turnkey test automation solutions

  • Multi-platform/device/browser testing

  • Support of a vast number of technologies

  • Tests run in cloud (BrowserStack or SauceLabs)

  • Always up to date with the latest technologies

Mobile testing
  • Real physical devices

  • In-house testing

  • Extensive experience in automation

  • Independence of testing

  • All types of testing from A to Z, including:

    • end-to-end testing

    • deep functional testing

    • performance testing

    • usability testing and recommendations

    • compatibility testing

    • connection speed

  • Clear understanding of mobile specific:

    • variation of devices/OSs

    • form factor and resolution

    • incoming calls

    • charging battery

    • Bluetooth on/off

    • voice commands

    • location

    • rotation

    • network layers

Independent full cycle testing
  • Independent QA is key to quality

  • All types of testing:

    • Test Automation for Web and Mobile

    • End-to-end testing

    • QA audit and consulting

    • Performance/Load/Stress testing

    • Manual testing

    • Usability testing

    • Unit and Integration testing

    • Test Documentation

    • and many others

  • Full transparency of QA process

  • Easy integration into the dev process

  • Complete and clear testing results

  • Enjoy working with us

  • Experience in 15 domain areas

  • Following STLC

Perfomance load stress testing
  • Performance and load testing help you to eliminate bottlenecks

  • Most popular tools for testing:

    • JMeter

    • BlazeMeter

    • NeoLoad

    • MSVS

  • Measure performance metrics:

    • Processor load

    • Memory load

    • I/O wait

    • Request time

    • Response time

  • Attributes of Performance testing:

    • Stability

    • Scalability

    • Speed

    • Reliability

Our way to Perfection


The beginning

We were 2 committed QAs who devoted our lives to an idea of gathering a smart team of qualified QAs which will provide all QA services in one place.


First step to success

We started from a quite complex project emphasizing on automated testing. The project was completed successfully and the client was really happy. We have continued our closer cooperation after a while.



We have a great passion, extremely skilled team, and many years of experience in building complex solutions and resolving issues, which are rejected by other companies.


Company growth

Our passion and radiated eyes for the performed work acted as a stimulus for rapid growing and made us one of the leaders in QA industry.