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Are you considering to outsource testing in Ukraine or India?

Are you considering to outsource testing in Ukraine or India?
December 6, 2017


During the early years of 1900 century, quality assurance testing of any program, software or application has never got such priority as it is getting these days. There had always been a perception that a programmer/developer who can well comprehend the customer's exact needs well can likewise design the correct application in a similar manner. However, with the passage of time, we have seen evolution in this perception as well. For instance, malfunctioning of huge machines and equipment on account of fault in programming brought up a considerable concern with respect to the overall responsibility of the developer. To overcome this problem, product quality confirmation/control were introduced and is currently greatly valued and appreciated all around the globe.

Now a day, every business entity or company ensure that the mobile/web application they introduce to the mass market is according to the requirements proposed by the customer and bug free. However, it would be unrealistic to consider a product "100% bug free" yet you can state that each analyzer/QA expert ensures that the product that he/she has evaluated does not contain any bugs that may crash the product in future. Now the question arises, whether the quality assurance testing should be done inhouse or should be outsourced? If it is to be outsourced what is the best offshore destinations. Normally, for outsourcing quality assurance services, two countries come into mind; India and Ukraine. Each country has its own specific features. Below are some of the positive points of both the countries:


India has been in the outsourcing game for a long time. They are the original big outsourcing destination of the world. It all started years and years ago mostly with call centers but now they are doing tons of software development and quality assurance testing. India is a much-maligned destination. All the train wreck jokes about the offshore disasters are usually directed towards India. Some of that deserves not all of it is. Here are some of the features of outsourcing quality assurance testing services to India: India has pretty good prices. It has fluctuated over the years. Sometimes the prices go up and sometimes these go down, but one thing is for sure that there is a lot of human resource available in India including IT graduates coming out of really good schools all the time. So, there is a massive supply and it is more than enough to meet the massive demand of outsourcing clients. That keeps prices down which is one of the great things about India.

There are also a lot of experienced developers in India. If you want to outsource the testing project for a long time, there are mature managers that have 10 years or more of experience.
India also has a fairly developed educational infrastructure. There are really good schools and there are a lot of companies that have been doing this for a long time.
Another advantage is that people in India would generally speak English especially those who've been through university and are in the IMT IT world. Although some kind of language barrier still exists but many people speak English well in India.
From a cultural point of view, there is a mixed a mixed bag. They do understand western and other countries' culture pretty well. They tend to tend to get along business-wise.


Ukraine's been on the news a lot lately and a lot of people are asking the question whether it safe to outsource your quality assurance function to Ukraine? So, here are some general facts about the Ukraine and how it is before the political unrest started to happen.

Ukraine is the number one outsourcing destination in Eastern Europe. There are over a thousand companies operating in Ukraine. It is a big country and its outsourcing industry is doing pretty well.
Ukraine also has a very good educational system, which is sort of a leftover from the Soviet Union and their style of education is very exerting and rigorous.
Ukrainian developers are really good at problem solving. They are very good at math and engineering and in their culture, and this goes for most of Eastern Europe, especially the former Soviet Union.
They put a lot of value on solving technical problems, science and math and things like that.
So, this yields a huge number of graduates from great universities who are going to be fantastic software developers and quality assurance testers.
The culture in Ukraine is also good because Russians, Eastern Europeans and Ukrainians as well, like to solve problems in a very aggressive way. They will attack a problem they'll take it head on. So, when you run into a coding problem or some other difficult challenge, the Ukrainian developers usually are pretty helpful in solving it.
Another feature of Ukraine is its infrastructure. Their internet connectivity and airports are very good. The electricity stays on and it is pretty easy to fly over there.
Working with Ukrainians is pretty much the same as working with Russians and anyone from the former Soviet Union. The Soviet Union style is to treat everything as if it were a space launch; they are not lighthearted about anything. Even on a small project, they want to do an elaborate design and want it to be perfect.
Ukrainian people dig in to find risks and obstacles which can be a great thing in software development and testing.