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Why Quality Assurance Outsourcing Is the Best Option for Your Company

Why Quality Assurance Outsourcing Is the Best Option for Your Company
May 7, 2019


An error-free and functional mobile/web application is the dream of any application developer or programmer. As it is generally said that a bad news travels fast; similarly, a defective program or faulty application can completely ruin the reputation of developers' team or company. With an ever-growing supply and demand of mobile applications, software and web-based applications, the need for quality assurance testing service providers has also increased. If you are thinking that your software developer can also do the job of a professionally qualified QA testing service provider than you are totally wrong. A programmer or app developer can write excellent codes but it is not necessary that he/she can test it equally. It is neither their specialty nor their job.

As more companies are coming out with latest technological innovations and better designed applications, and as the technology is getting involved in each and every aspect of our lives, the demand for professionally qualified QA testing service providers has also increased. You can also do it in-house or outsource it to some other experienced person or firm depending on the availability of time and budget. If you decide to go with the outsourcing option, then choosing the right QA partner is the key to success. A good QA partner not only helps you meet your scheduled deadlines by reducing time involved in testing, but also saves you from many possible challenges. Below are some of the reasons as to why outsourcing the QA testing services is the best option for your company?


QA testing requires a lot of time and attention:

Evaluating a software or program from every aspect is a time-consuming activity. That is why, this task is generally left to the most junior or inexperienced person in the development team, resulting in the total failure of the project. For quality assurance it is really important to get your application evaluated by a qualified and experienced person. Experienced professionals can make the whole QA process quite streamlined, which ultimately reduces the time required to complete the process. They exactly know where to look for problems and how to report them. With lesser time spent on QA testing, companies who outsource their QA function to professional firms/individuals are better able to launch their applications faster than those of their rivals.


It is not your specialty:

Many companies other than the pure software/application development firms are now in the need of their specific applications. For instance, many banks and financial institutions have now launched their online mobile applications for their account-holders. Due to the confidentiality of their data, majority of them develop such applications in-house. However, when it comes to testing their developed app from a professional's point of view, they cannot do it all by themselves. There always remains the need of hiring an outside expert to test the quality of their application and for possible technical glitches. Quality assurance testing can appear burdensome for the companies who are not specialist in carrying our such activities. So, it is always the best option to outsource this function to the expert ones.


You can save a lot of cash:

Some people may argue that by doing QA testing on their own, they can save much more money. Because the process needs a lot of time to complete, they believe that outsourcing this function for a lengthy period of time would cost them many backs. However, the fact is exactly opposite to their belief. Outsourcing QA testing services not only saves enormous amount of time but also it saves you a lot of cash. A firm specializing in QA testing services can gain economies of scales and hence provide cost-effective solutions to its customers. Another important point is that such outsourcing experts can also save your from making costly mistakes for the future. Similarly, for big project, once the development is completed, you don't need to retain your development team and employees just because testing phase is not over yet. You can simply pass on this responsibility to your outsourced vendor.


You can concentrate on your core activities:

Since QA testing requires a lot of time, it can distract you from your core activities. Outsourcing this activity to other professionals can help you focus on the other important and prioritized tasks of your business.


It shortens the development cycle:

If your QA testing goes hand in hand with the development phase, it can help shorten the overall development cycle and launch your product before your rivals. You can also take advantage of the overall expertise of your QA testing service provider during the development of your application. A wise QA partner is better able to identify and address many potential problems well before the completion of the project. His/her advice can also be quickly executed to fix the possible issues.

Considering the above reasons and in view of long-term strategy of your business, it is imperative to hire a good Quality assurance partner at your earliest.