Enhanced Testing Environment for BI and big-data Solutions Firm
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Enhanced Testing Environment for BI and big-data Solutions Firm


Enhanced Testing Environment for BI and big-data Solutions Firm

Project Summary

DeviQA is improving the quality assurance and testing environment of a complex big-data social media analytic solution. The team developed automated testing tools for both the web app and its black box UI.


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MAR 14, 2016







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Feedback summary

DeviQA developed over 300 test cases in a month and a half, which led to a 70% coverage of the business solution and a 45% decrease in its defect rate. Furthermore, DeviQA timely services allowed them to implement swinging tests alongside the addition of new pieces of functionality.

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Former VP of Development


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We had a big and complex web application that amounted to an analytics toolkit through which data could be explored. Users could run searches and comparisons within our data and export results. It was a big and complicated solution that did not scale well for manual quality assurance. We worked within delivery stages. When data met the required quality criteria, it would be deployed directly into our production environment. We sometimes had two or three deployments per day. One of the features we lacked was black box-level UI [user interface] testing. We needed someone that could set up tests based on actual user interaction with the web content. We had many deals and customers coming to our company. We needed someone who could maintain those tests, and who would have enough engineering credentials to design a test in such a way that it would not be susceptible to cosmetic changes and minor deviations in functionality.


We had manual quality assurance in place, consisting of people simply clicking on things in our platforms. We also had unit tests for doing work at the code level. We brought DeviQA in for creating automated tests on our website from a user perspective.