Functional testing for online marketing company
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Functional testing for online marketing company

DeviQA provides functional testing services to support newly developed software. Highly involved throughout each development cycle, they also perform regression and smoke testing as needed.


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They're able to implement a quick onboarding process.

February 5, 2019

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DeviQA allocates expert-level QA resources to ensure that code changes can function within a production environment. Their team attends standup meetings, adapts to new software, and conducts extensive testing. Complex platforms pass a lengthy verification process as a result of their efforts.

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We're building innovative software, so we need trusted resources with the skills to test what we develop.


DeviQA provides senior-level QA resources to test our software. To ensure they perform the most thorough tests possible, They're involved with our entire development cycle. First, their team attends our development kickoff meetings to gain an understanding of our current project. Then, they start building applicable test scenarios for each product. They also take an active role in our regression and smoke testing efforts. They're available to test a variety of use cases whenever we're deploying a new integration, a redesigned feature, or a bug fix. Their QA resources execute functional testing to make sure that all code changes are stable enough to function within a production environment. We use Jira and some internal automation tools to track each implementation.

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