Ongoing QA for Computer Software Firm
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Ongoing QA for Computer Software Firm

2013 - Ongoing

Ongoing QA for Computer Software Firm

Project Summary

DeviQA established the QA environment in the initial stage of a mobile app development solution. The project involved manual testing and consulting to support the business ongoing QA efforts.


"They're very diligent, meticulous, and concentrated."

APR 6, 2016







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Feedback summary

The team efforts helped to ensure the delivery of the best possible product by the business. Moreover, DeviQA demonstrated accountability and structure through which they provide timely and high-quality solutions.

Reviewer Position

Vice President, Computer Software Firm


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We first started out as a bootstrap company, which means that we didn't raise a lot of seed-funding initially. We thus leveraged the outsourcing route as a competitive advantage to other app builders. We didn't have the technical skills ourselves so we needed to find a cost-effective solution to get the expertise we needed to actually develop our product.


DeviQA's services include time tracking, billing, payments, and things of this nature. We enlisted them to build their own quality assurance environment within our company. It was functional, but not as advanced as we'd have hoped for. We took it upon ourselves to build out a more advanced environment within which DeviQA could thrive. They engage exclusively in manual testing. They had a lot of suggestions and expertise concerning regression, unit-testing services, and providers which they'd used previously, but being a bootstrap company, we took it upon ourselves to build our own unit, integration, and functional testing. We rely on our own code for testing products, while DeviQA is responsible for manual user interface elements. We initially used only one of their testers and scaled out our team to four members at its peak. We have now settled on three. Outsourcing to DeviQA has saved us a lot of time and money and we consider it to be just as efficient as hiring in-house QA personnel.