QA support for SaaS platform
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QA support for SaaS platform

DeviQA has been hired by a SaaS platform for ongoing support in their QA processes and operations. They are tasked with setting up a QA process that suits the client's development methods.

Olivier Mayot

CTO, SimpliField

The review

DeviQA is very reactive and easy to reach.

June 9, 2022

Feedback summary

DeviQA is an excellent partner, and the results of their partnership have been positive. They successfully set up the QA process in time, and the client has been pleased with their high-quality services. To operate the QA processes, they collaborated with the client via Jira and GitHub.

Services provided

Application testing
Application management


January 2021 - Ongoing







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We were looking for a company to help us with the QA process and operations. The main goal of the project was to first setup a QA process that suited the development methods in place at Simplifield. Then DeviQA was asked to operate this QA process on a daily basis with its teams.


The outcome of the project was very good. The process was setup in time and the operations flow smoothly and according to our needs. There were no communication issues at all. English was the daily language. The tools (Jira, GitHub) in place to operate the process were perfectly adequate. DeviQA is very reactive and easy to reach. They were also very flexible.

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