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QA testing for business services company

DeviQA provides QA services, working on a full-time basis to review and test the software development lifecycle. They test an Android a web app and a mobile app, and run several tests in the automated space.

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Business Services Company

The review

"One metric showed an 82% reduction in the number of issues raised."

November 14, 2018

Feedback summary

The two resources from DeviQA's team are excellent, performing tests with speed, accuracy, and skill, as demonstrated in the significant reduction in issues found after product releases. They communicate regularly and well, while always rising to any new challenge.

Services provided

Application testing


September 2014 - Ongoing







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We didn't have internal QA resources, specifically related to the software development lifecycle. We identified that as a significant risk, so we reached out to a number of companies to fill that position. DeviQA were the winners of the contract.


They have a full-time engagement with us in the QA space of our project. We have two dedicated full-time resources handling testing on our software, which embodies two core sections: a web app and a mobile app, specifically for Android. They run a number of tests in the automated space — manual testing, unit testing, and some code review. They work remotely.

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