QA testing for talent acquisition software
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QA testing for talent acquisition software

DeviQA ran QA tests on a talent acquisition and workforce management software. Their team continues to be part of the development phase of the product.


Talent Acquisition Company

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"They are quick to adapt to any changes we needed to make."

August 2, 2019

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While the work is ongoing, the software's client base continues to grow. DeviQA can adapt to industry-specific needs, leading to a successful longterm relationship. Expertise and speed are hallmarks of their work.

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Application testing


January 2014 - Ongoing







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We hired DeviQA early when we started, to have someone capable of making sure that our product has no issues during the development. Their role was to manually test all-new features and to cover them with an automated suite. The market did not provide us with good candidates to hire them in-house, so we have decided to outsource QA process.


We needed QA to supplement our development process. Their responsibility was to test every new feature, to cover it with automated tests, and to be a part of Scrum teams. We were confident in their skills enough to give them the freedom to implement the QA process based on their experiences. They would make sure that our releases had everything fixed before the deployment, and once they were satisfied, we could proceed.

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