Software testing & QA for IT company
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Software testing & QA for IT company

DeviQA performed a variety of QA services to ensure the functionality of stakeholders' mobile and web applications. Their services included developing automated tests and conducting manual testing.

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IT company

The review

"They are very experienced, skilled engineers."

June 14, 2019

Feedback summary

Applications' performance increased, and the products began receiving excellent reviews on the Appstore and Google Play. The team's automated testing method conserved internal resources. DeviQA is a reliable, communicative team with an efficient workflow.

Services provided

Application testing


January 2015 - Ongoing







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We needed a reliable, skilled partner to be responsible for the quality of all of our applications. They would build a structural testing approach, design automated test suite architecture, and develop automated tests. They would also conduct performance and manual testing.


We have mobile and web applications. We didn't have a formal structural process. We had worked with other agencies before, but their processes were not as good. Once we started with DeviQA, our in-house team felt that their process differed much from what we had before. DeviQA's services included automated testing.

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