Software testing for cybersecurity firm
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Software testing for cybersecurity firm

DeviQA is testing a cybersecurity firm's software. The partners are currently working to develop and create new content for the platform, which they plan to integrate into their DevOps pipelines.

Mark Levine

VP Product, CYDEF

The review

"They delivered what they promised and have been excellent to work with."

May 20, 2021

Feedback summary

DeviQA has helped the company create hundreds of test cases with speed and efficiency. The client regards their workflow as seamless. Importantly, the vendor understands the client's core business value, allowing them to deliver just as expected of them.

Services provided

Application testing


August 2020 - Ongoing







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We needed some help and expertise to develop full integration and regression test coverage for our platform and then to have these test plans integrated into our automated DevOps pipelines.


The project began by breaking down our system into modular components and writing manual test cases to cover all the use cases. Next we began automating the finished test cases. At present we are still developing and creating new content. We are also in the process of integrating finished automated regression and integration test cases into our DevOps Pipelines.

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