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20+ software testing companies in USA you should know | June 2024

20+ software testing companies in USA you should know | June 2024
April 30, 2024


Software testing is an essential part of any software development process. This statement is self-evident. Today's users are highly demanding and selective, while the market is saturated with numerous software solutions. That is why the quality of the developed software must not be neglected.

If you fully understand the importance of quality assurance, then you are likely concerned about engaging the best QA experts. While establishing and maintaining an in-house QA team requires significant investment and effort, partnering with an independent software testing company is indeed the way to go. However, the question arises: how do you find a truly reliable software testing service provider? There is an abundance of software testing companies. Research should be conducted to identify those that deserve your trust. To narrow down your search and help you save a considerable amount of time, we have compiled a list of software testing companies with a proven track record to answer the question - Which company is best for software testing?

1. DeviQA


Founded: 2010

Headquarter: Poland, Ukraine, United States, United Kingdom

Team: 250+

Key services: QA outsourcing, QA consulting, managed testing services, automation testing, manual testing, performance testing, functional testing, full cycle testing, mobile app testing, web app testing, API testing, etc.

DeviQA is a renowned outsourcing software testing company that works with large enterprises and SMEs across the most diverse domains. Empowered by ample experience and advanced technologies, its team delivers a wide range of QA services. Whether you need to design and set up a QA process from scratch, fine-tune an existing QA process, or bring in real QA experts to upscale an in-house team, DeviQA is at your service.

The high professionalism of the company is confirmed by numerous glowing testimonials and prestigious awards.

2. QualityLogic


Founded: 1986

Headquarter: United States

Team: 200+

Key services: functional testing, manual testing, test automation, load and performance testing, usability testing, interoperability testing, etc.

QualityLogic is one of the leading software testing companies in the world. It has indeed a long history and a breadth of expertise. Fintech, retail, eCommerce, media, entertainment, and education are just a few of the industries it serves. The largest and most famous brands rely on the company as it has an impressive track record of delivering complex solutions ensuring the top quality of software products of all kinds. The QualityLogic team always uses a customer- and quality-first approach. It smoothly integrates with development teams and aligns with existing processes. If you’d like to work with real professionals, QualityLogic is a perfect fit for you.

3. TestFort


Founded: 2002

Headquarter: United States

Team: 160

Key services: manual testing, test automation, testing consulting, testing outsourcing, functional testing, UI testing, usability testing, compatibility testing, etc.

TestFort is a top software testing company that can boast of its absolute excellence in quality assurance and software testing. Its seasoned and dedicated team always makes sure a software solution is tested thoroughly, on time, and within the agreed budget. Thanks to fine-tuned workflows and meticulous attention to even the tiniest details, TestFort delivers transparent and efficient communication, concise documentation, and tangible results. With such a QA partner as TestFort, you’re doomed to success.

4. TestScenario


Founded: 2014

Headquarter: India

Team: 41+

Key services: automation testing, web app testing, mobile testing.

TestScenario primarily focuses on mobile testing, web testing, and test automation services. It serves startups, SMEs, and large companies. Its highly professional and seasoned QA experts use a rich infrastructure to test apps thoroughly across diverse platforms, browsers, and devices. The team analyzes software, designs test cases based on real-world scenarios, automates them, and executes tests to identify all bugs and weaknesses that can prejudice the success of the developed product. With TestScenario, high quality is 100% guaranteed.

5. TestingXperts


Founded: 1996

Headquarters: UK, United States

Team: 2500+

Key services: manual testing, automation testing, security testing, performance testing, accessibility testing, test consulting, etc.

TestingXperts is considered to be one of the best software testing service providers for a reason. The company has succeeded in the market and gained a reputation as a trusted QA partner. While it has headquarters in the USA and the United Kingdom, its 12 offices are located all over the world. TestingXpert offers indeed an impressive range of testing services, and its experienced team works with the most advanced technologies including AI and ML, blockchain, Big Data, Cloud, IoT, and others. The company is a holder of numerous global awards and recognitions. What is important, its team is not going to stop at the achieved results. It keeps on doing its best and opening new horizons.

6. Solvd


Founded: 2011

Headquarter: United States

Team: 600+

Key services: functional testing, performance testing, compatibility testing, usability testing, security testing, and end-to-end testing.

Solvd is a software development and technology consulting company that among others offers high-quality software testing services. It has 8 offices in different parts of the world, and its team is made up of experienced industry professionals and young high-potential talents. The company is a go-to in such domains as Healthcare, FinTech, Logistics, EdTech, Media, etc. The Solvd experts make use of leading technologies and tools and test software of the most diverse types including mobile apps, web apps, desktop apps, IoT, CRM and ERP platforms, medical devices, and software based on Cloud and AR/VR.

7. ScienceSoft


Founded: 1989

Headquarter: United States

Team: 75+

Key services: functional testing, performance testing, compatibility testing, accessibility testing, security testing, usability testing, etc.

ScienceSoft offers a wide range of IT services including professional software testing. The company has ​​ISTQB-certified QA engineers and an ISO 900-certified quality management system. Its QA team can accept any challenge. It provides testing of mobile apps, web apps, desktop apps, DWH, and SaaS. It can help you irrespective of the technology used. Thus, the QA engineers of ScienceSoft test unique systems based on such advanced techs and architectures as Big Data, IoT, AR, blockchain, microservices, etc. SienceSoft is a QA partner that you can put in the driver’s seat being completely confident that it will deliver excellent results.

8. QualySec


Founded: 2020

Headquarter: India

Team: up to 50

Key services: penetration testing services.

QualySec Technologies stands out from the rest top software testing companies. This is a provider of top-notch cybersecurity services. The company mainly specializes in penetration testing for diverse applications including web, mobile, cloud, IoT, and blockchain apps. It is a reliable partner of high-profile companies working in the finance, healthcare, government, insurance, and technology domains. Its team abides by OWASP and SANS standards as well as uses a personalized testing approach to provide the best results. By the way, testing reports that the team submits include clear vulnerability reproduction steps, screenshots, videos, and actionable mitigation steps along with links to helpful resources. Still, QualySec goes beyond penetration testing and also provides automation testing, manual testing, functional testing, load testing, ethical hacking, etc.

9. Cigniti Technologies

Cigniti Technologies

Founded: 1998

Headquarter: India

Key services: DevOps testing, compatibility testing, functional testing, performance testing, security testing, test automation, crowdsourced testing, quality engineering, etc.

Cignity is an IT company with a long history. These days, it represents itself as a leading AI and IP-led Digital Assurance and Digital Engineering services company. It is headquartered in Irving Texas and Hyderabad but has a number of offices in the USA, Europe, the Middle East, APAC, etc. Being at the forefront of technology advancement, Cignity helps global brands across 23 countries with their digital transformation and encourages them to open new digital horizons. Cignity is a company that has the expertise and resources needed to provide sky-high quality of your software,

10. AppSierra


Founded: 2015

Headquarter: India

Team: 150+

Key services: compatibility testing, functional testing, performance testing, automation testing, usability testing, localization testing, QA engineering, etc.

AppSierra is a fast-growing IT company that offers software development and QA services to businesses of all sizes and across all domains. The fact that AppSierra is recommended by 96% of its clients demonstrates the high professionalism and competency of its team. When it comes to software testing, its QA experts prepare and execute a wide range of tests both automated and manual in order to ensure comprehensive testing resulting in the exceptional quality of a product. Microservices testing, blockchain testing, IoT testing, Big Data testing, and CRM testing - all these within the scope of AppSierra capabilities. If you want to engage best-of-breed QA engineers, do not postpone getting in touch with AppSierra.

11. Aegis Softtech


Founded: 2005

Headquarter: India

Key services: functional testing, performance testing, isolation testing, usability testing, automation testing, browser testing, etc.

Aegis Softtech is an IT company based in India. it offers a rich suite of services that among others includes software testing services. The company uses cutting-edge technologies and digital innovations to help numerous businesses worldwide with their digital transformation. QA experts focus on efficiency, high quality, risk mitigation, and cost reduction. State-of-the-art technological solutions that they offer make it possible. A Qa team establishes a smooth QA process that checks every nook and corner of an application under testing. Meanwhile, it does not waste time on bells and whistles which helps to deliver excellent results within a stipulated time.

12. A1QA


Founded: 2003

Headquarter: United States and UK

Team: 1100+

Key services: functional testing, performance testing, cybersecurity testing, usability testing, integration testing, regression testing, compatibility testing, localization testing, etc.

A1QA is a large ISO-certified company that specializes exclusively in software testing. It offers a great variety of world-class QA services and supports key players in the global market including Fortune 500 companies. The global presence gives A1QA an opportunity to deliver QA services 24/7/365 while quickly adapting to any time zone and project requirements. The company also offers several engagement models to meet all possible needs of its clients. In terms of technologies, A1QA has no limits at all. It takes on projects related to blockchain, CRM, ERP, AR/VR, Cloud, IoT, desktop, mobile, and web solutions. Partner with A1QA to roll out outstanding software products with exceptional customer experiences.

13. QA Mentor

QA Mentor

Founded: 2010

Headquarter: United States

Team: 313

Key services: automation QA services, security testing, QA performance engineering and optimization, Qa audit and process improvement, QA environment management, etc.

This is an ISO-certified independent software testing company with a headquarter in New York and twelve testing operation centers in the USA, UK, France, Romania, Ukraine, India, Tunisia, and Thailand. QA Mentor is known as a one-stop shop for all QA needs. Its scope of services is indeed extensive. Moreover, some of the offered services are unique to QA Mentor. A strong global presence, highly professional team, goal-oriented approach, client focus, creativity, and innovation make this company a reliable partner to that you can entrust your product quality.

14. QA Madness

QA Madness

Founded: 2013

Headquarter: Lithuania

Key services: automated testing, manual testing, cybersecurity, mobile app testing, web app testing, desktop app testing, wearables testing, QA audit and consulting.

QA Madness is a leading provider of software testing services. Discipline, communication, collaboration, efficiency, and reliability are the key working principles of the company. Its cherry-picked QA specialists use an impressive lineup of QA testing technology and run Functional Testing, UI Testing, Performance Testing, Compatibility Testing, Regression Testing, Integration Testing, Acceptance Testing, Localization Testing, End-to-End Testing, API Testing, and other types of testing to help clients roll out high-quality software products. The QA Madness team can set up and manage all the QA activities on a project. Additionally, it can cover QA audits, test documentation writing, and business analysis.

15. Netow Solutions


Founded: 2012

Headquarter: Nigeria

Team: 15

Key services: QA and software testing, resource augmentation, QA training.

Netow Solutions is an independent software testing company based in Nigeria with an ambitious plan to become the largest QA service provider in West Africa. The company provides a great variety of services including API/web services testing, security testing, usability testing, compatibility testing, user acceptance testing, regression testing, integration testing, and end 2 end testing. Its tight-knit team is made up of seasoned QA experts who not only work on various projects and ensure their exceptional quality but also share their knowledge with young talents in Netow Solutions Academy.

16. Mindful QA

Mindful QA

Founded: 2018

Headquarter: United States

Key services: automation testing, manual testing, website testing, mobile app testing, security testing, accessibility testing, QA recruiting, etc.

Mindful QA is an American award-winning software testing company that gives 10% of its profit to charity. All its QA specialists are located in the USA and have 5 years of experience on average. The company provides a rich bouquet of QA services to cover all possible needs of its clients. By the way, client focus is one of the core principles of Mindful QA. Its skillful and diligent team always sets up and manages the QA process with regard to the needs of a particular project. Among the company’s clients, there are such well-known brands as Google, Intel, and Microsoft. If you set the bar high, Mindful QA is the QA service provider you need.

17. HikeQA


Founded: 2020

Headquarter: India

Key services: mobile app testing, QA outsourcing, performance testing, automation testing, functional testing, etc.

HikeQA is a young independent software testing company that provides exceptional services to startups and SMEs across the most diverse industries. Profound knowledge, polished skills, and passion for perfection enable the HikeQA team to deliver the best testing solutions ensuring the best quality of software products. The company offers a great variety of software testing services. Whether you develop a mobile, web, SaaS, or eCommerce solution, HikeQA can become your partner that you can rely on.

18. ImpactQA


Founded: 2011

Headquarter: United States

Team: 250+

Key services: automation testing, functional testing, mobile app testing, security testing, IoT testing, performance testing.

ImpactQA is a well-known leader in next-gen software testing, QA consulting, and product development. The company serves startups, SMEs, and Fortune 500 companies across multiple domains including healthcare, e-learning, eCommerce, media, logistics, real estate, and others. A QA team of Impact QA consists of highly professional manual and automation QA engineers who leverage their rich experience and advanced testing technologies to help clients hit the market with software solutions that provide an exceptional user experience.

19. QATestLab


Founded: 2005

Headquarter: Cyprus

Team: 250+

Key services: functional testing, UX / usability testing, compatibility testing, integration testing, performance testing, penetration testing, localization testing, GUI testing, security testing, acceptance testing.

QATestLab is a top-notch software testing company that since its inception has embedded quality, reliability, and innovation in its corporate culture. The company has excelled in manual and automated testing. It always comes up with a holistic testing strategy and executes all needed types of testing as best one can. QATestLab has a great track record in testing games, Internet of Things, web, mobile, desktop, and cloud applications. Besides, the company also offers QA consulting and test documentation writing services. QATestLab has a breadth of expertise, best-of-breed QA specialists, and rich infrastructure to help you build a jaw-dropping solution.

20. QASource


Founded: 2002

Headquarter: United States

Team: 1400+

Key services: automation testing, manual testing, security testing, performance testing, mobile QA, API testing, QA analysis, blockchain testing, IoT testing, etc.

QASource is a well-established software testing company whose team knows everything about quality assurance. Paying particular attention to on-time delivery and customization, the company excels at helping businesses of all kinds and sizes to manage the quality of their software products while keeping costs low. Among its clients, there are such famous brands as eBay, Salesforce, Facebook, Ford, Amazon, IBM, etc. If you wish to reap the benefits of a fully staffed QA department without the related setup expenses and hassle, a partnership with QASource is what you need.

Other software testing companies:

Testrig Technologies
iBeta Quality Assurance
Global App Testing
Sauce Labs
QA InfoTech PVT. ltd
QA Wolf

What to look for when choosing a software testing company to outsource software testing needs

It is indeed crucial to make the right choice when selecting a software development company. There's no need to explain that your partner should be trustworthy and provide professional QA services. Here are a few things that deserve your attention when choosing from the best software testing companies:

Engagement models

While reviewing a company profile, pay attention to the engagement models it offers. Make sure the one you need is provided. The most widely used models are Dedicated Team, Time & Material, Fixed Price, Staff Augmentation, and Hybrid Model.

In-depth knowledge and expertise in software testing

A software testing company should be able to provide you with experienced QA specialists who can handle all QA-related issues and set up a QA process from scratch if needed.

Domain expertise

Domain expertise is as important as technical expertise. It allows a QA team to clearly understand software behavior and end users' needs. This is especially crucial when it comes to testing healthcare, fintech, pharmaceuticals, insurance, and retail apps. Domain expertise significantly contributes to the establishment of an appropriate QA process. So check whether a potential partner has already tested software similar to yours.

Awards and certifications

Professionalism never goes unnoticed. Awards, accolades, and certifications demonstrate the competency and leadership of a software testing company. Certifications such as ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 indicate a company's commitment to quality and security. Take a look at those your partner has already earned.

Communication model

Ensure that a company is open to communication, responsive, and client-focused. Efficient communication lies at the heart of every successful project, so your partner should be friendly, supportive, and straightforward.


It's worth taking the time to check clients' feedback on the company's services. Testimonials published on official websites, social networks, and independent review platforms can help you form the right opinion about a potential partner.

Pricing policy

Discuss the financial aspects of your partnership in advance. Ensure that a company offers a transparent pricing policy without hidden charges. Moreover, remember that a high price is not always a guarantee of high quality, while excessively low rates can also raise suspicions.

Team location

Offshore outsourcing offers significant benefits, especially regarding service fees. However, when choosing a software testing company, consider its location, as it affects not only the price but also communication. Time differences, cultural differences, and language barriers can cause problems.

Flexible and scalable:

The testing company should be able to adapt to your changing needs. As your software evolves, the company should have the capacity to scale its services accordingly.

Proof of concept

Many reliable software testing companies offer a free or low-cost Proof of Concept (PoC) where they test a part of your software. This allows you to assess their capabilities before making a full commitment.


Your search for a reliable provider of software testing services can be time-consuming and require significant effort. However, it is worth it. Your software testing provider should be highly professional, committed, and reliable. We believe that our list of software testing companies, along with a set of important criteria, will help you find the perfect software testing partner.

Would you like to add another company worthy of this list? Don't hesitate and write us an email at [email protected] with the subject "Top 20 Leading Software Testing Companies"