DeviQA Case Study: Biznessapps
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Project Overview

What Biznessapps had in the testing processes when they came to us and what they got after they started working with us.

Before improvement

No QA on the project, as result chaotic testing from the developers side only
Many of the bugs were missed during regular test passes
A huge number of major/critical issues in the production environment
Not structured, not informative bug reports
Lack of setup of the bug tracking system, messy board
Lack of the test documentation
Insufficiently qualified customer support
Random releases with not thoroughly tested functionality

After improvement

Structured and formalized the testing process
Covered more than 90% of the app with test cases
Updated the Jira workflow
Cleaned up the bug tracking system from old bugs
Full support of all popular browsers and mobile devices
The ratings of the mobile apps in the AppStore and Google Play increased
Reduced the number of customer support issues by more than 50%
Helped the CS team to understand all the subtleties of the application
App took 1ST place in Customer Happiness Awards in North America
defects found
blockers detected
critical bugs detected
major bugs detected
minor bugs detected
coverage of test cases
QA Team:
4 QA engineers
Project length:
6 years
Technologies & Tools
AWS Device Farm

The Challenge

Biznessapps - mobile do-it-yourself platform application that allows small and medium-sized businesses to create mobile apps with relative ease.

The challenge was to build a QA process for the project. Until we joined, the developers were making testing chaotic. Many of the bugs were missed during regular test passes and issues were stored in non-structural way. The bug tracking system was also messy. All this led to a huge number of issues in the production environment.

The task was to improve QA process, clean up the bug tracking system, and organize all existing issues. Test documentation needed to be maintained, and we needed to make an initial test pass to understand the true quality of the application. This was the only way to be responsible for the quality of Biznessapp's products.

The customer support team didn't know the specific functionality of the project and couldn't explain to customers how features work.


It was a long-term project where we act as a dedicated team responsible for the quality of BiznessApp's products.

From the start, we initiated changes within the regular development process, including updating the Jira workflow, test strategy design and QA process setup, performing an initial test pass to understand the real quality of products, cleaning the bug tracking system from old bugs and test documentation development.

We structured and formalized the testing process. It was a positive surprise for the dev team when they saw how the bugs should look (clear steps to reproduce and actual results, crash logs and screenshots attached, etc). More than 90% of applications were covered by test cases.

The ratings of the mobile apps in the AppStore and Google Play increased, and every team member felt significant improvements. This positively affected the quality of BiznessApps products. We reduced the number of customer support issues by more than 50% and helped CS team understand all functional areas and features of the project.

Services Provided

Reported thousands of UI/UX, functional, non-functional issues, and a lot of improvements, most of which were implemented in the project. Performed regression, acceptance, localization, integration, and usability testing for various browsers (Safari, Chrome, FireFox, IE, Edge, Opera).

Web App Testing

A major number of issues were related to the mobile apps. We tested on both IOS and Android platforms and used more than 70 real physical devices as well as cloud testing services like SauceLabs and AWS Device Farm. Afterwards, users started feeling just how much the quality of the applications increased

Mobile Testing