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Childcare management system

Assisting our client in adopting a professional approach to software testing, incorporating automated testing based on best practices.


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About project

This is a childcare management system for daycare centers and preschools. It automates their routine tasks like enrollment, scheduling, and reporting, allowing staff to focus on more important childcare duties. Additionally, it offers parents a convenient way to interact with a daycare center, as well as enables them to check data, make payments, and sign up for activities.

The main feature of this application is giving parents access to their child's details, including schedules, meals, medical records, etc., providing them with confidence and keeping them informed.

Overall, this childcare management system is a dependable and efficient tool that helps daycare centers optimize workflows, enhance customer service, and save money on various expenses like accounting, human resources, and marketing.

Before DeviQA

  • No automation testing for mobile apps

  • <10% regression test-cases were automated for the web app

  • No parallel threads

  • >3 hours to run a regression test suite

  • No test case management system

  • Regression tests were manually conducted fortnightly before every release

  • 1 deployment to Prod for every 2 weeks

  • No smoke testing runs

  • A few failed attempts to create a load testing framework

  • An automation test-suite for the web app was not based on the best practices

With DeviQA

  • >150 automation test scripts for mobile apps

  • >90% regression test-cases have been automated

  • 14 parallel threads

  • 30 minutes to run a regression test suite

  • Test cases are stored and managed in TestRail, a test management system

  • Automated regression testing is executed every day which provides an opportunity to deliver a new version of the application on a daily basis

  • 10 or more deployments to Prod every 2 weeks

  • Automated smoke testing taking 10 minutes only

  • A scalable loading testing framework built from scratch

  • Integration of loading tests with CI

  • Integration of load tests with monitoring platforms

  • Distributed execution with ~1000 concurrent users

  • Added API data creation

  • Implemented independence between automation scenarios

Our contribution


6 Full-Stack QA Engineers

Project length

Since 2021

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Our engagement

Starting our work on this project, we had a task to identify key flaws and weaknesses in an existing testing approach and address them efficiently. In essence, there were a lot of gaps that we had to fill in. The mobile apps lacked automated testing, and less than 10% of the regression tests for a web app were automated.

We faced challenges such as the absence of the best practices, long single-threaded automation runs taking over three hours, and bi-weekly manual regression testing. To tackle all of them, we implemented a series of improvements. First of all, we set up smoke testing runs and introduced load tests to identify issues early and enhance system safety. Also, we gradually introduced the best test automation practices to make our testing suite scalable, reliable, and easy to maintain. By using parallelization (14 threads) in continuous integration, we reduced the runtime of the full regression suite to about 30 minutes and smoke testing to just 10 minutes.

During this process, we discovered a multitude of critical bugs that had the potential to cause significant problems for users, including issues related to incorrect display of elements on pages, app crashes, and file upload vulnerabilities. Elimination of these bugs improved the app's reliability, security, and user-friendliness.

Additionally, we initiated the use of TestRail, a modern test management tool, for centralized and efficient test case management.

Coming back to the point of automation testing, we automated a significant portion of regression scenarios for mobile apps. The regression testing of the web app also underwent immense improvement, with over 90% of test cases being automated. This involved writing more than 3000 tests, implementing API data creation, adding parallel test runs, and making test scenarios independent.

Our QA team not only successfully tackled critical challenges but also significantly elevated the overall product quality, ultimately assisting our client in delivering a highly dependable application.

Services provided

Web Automation Testing

DeviQA's dedication to this project involved taking web automation testing to a whole new level. We automated more than 90% of the regression test cases, introduced over 3000 new test cases, integrated API data creation, and made parallel test runs more efficient. All of these resulted in a faster and more effective testing and release process, enhancing the reliability of the web application.

Mobile Automation Testing

The DeviQA engineers initiated and launched automated testing of mobile apps to accelerate both the testing and release processes, helping reduce time-to-market.

They introduced a cross-platform mobile automated solution that included a reporting system and conducted comprehensive end-to-end tests on various applications.

Furthermore, the DeviQA team integrated more than 400 test cases for the Android app and over 400 test cases for the iOS app into a testing suite. These test cases covered a wide range of functionalities.

Load Testing

We developed a load testing solution and framework that helped us identify critical bugs at the early stages of infrastructure changes and new feature development. This approach covered more than 20 user flows.

Web/Mobile Testing

The DeviQA Team:

- Tested all the delivered stories manually, creating over 3000 test cases.
- Reported more than 300 critical, blocker, and major bugs.
- Suggested and introduced a modern test case management system.

More projects

Test coverage:


  • Web App Testing
  • Test Automation
  • API Testing
  • Dedicated QA Team

Abbott Laboratories

A global healthcare giant relies on DeviQA for end-to-end test automation.

  • 1 day to run regression testing

  • 1 day to run smoke testing

  • 60% increase in the number of regression tests and relevant test cases

  • >1500 automated test scenarios created

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Dev capacity:


  • Web App Testing
  • Automation Testing
  • E2E Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Mobile Testing
  • API Testing
  • Dedicated QA Team


DeviQA's team takes full responsibility for testing a real estate solution consisting of a web app and mobile apps.

  • 2 days to run regression testing

  • 10 minutes to run automated E2E testing on each pull request

  • 85% of the application is covered with test cases

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Test coverage:


  • Web App Testing
  • API Testing
  • Dedicated QA Team
  • Mobile Testing
  • Performance Testing


Setting up and fine-tuning a holistic QA process for a dental lab management platform.

  • A comprehensive test plan designed

  • 5000+ test cases created for the web app

  • 2000+ test cases created for the mobile apps

  • >20 various devices with different OS, screen resolutions, and browsers used to run regression testing

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