DeviQA Case Study: CipherHealth
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Taking on the endeavor of helping a healthcare software development company deliver its web and mobile apps faster without compromising on their quality by implementing a robust QA process involving extensive automation.


Automated web scenarios


Automated mobile scenarios


User flows covered


Automated jobs with up to 20 parallel threads


Faster regression testing run


Bugs reported

About project

CipherHealth is a special healthcare solution that helps to deliver care and keep patients engaged through automated and personalized communication with caregivers, and healthcare providers.

This platform empowers healthcare professionals to gain valuable insights into patients' health conditions while ensuring that the communication is meaningful, informative, effective, and confidential. CipherHealth offers an array of services, including digital check-ins, post-discharge follow-ups, appointment reminders, and health outreach.

Before DeviQA

  • A multitude of undetected bugs

  • ~10 specs with unit tests

  • New features were not covered by automated tests

  • Manually executed smoke testing

  • Manually executed regression testing

  • 1 thread test execution

  • 20% of releases contained major bugs

  • 1 browser version supported

  • Only the latest versions of iOS and Android supported

  • No API automated tests

  • Tests were executed only on 1 local environment

With DeviQA

  • >60% high priority bugs reported

  • 1400+ E2E automation scripts created

  • 90% of the delivered features are covered with autotests

  • 10 mins to run the entire automated smoke testing suite

  • 5 hours to run an automated regression testing suite

  • 20 parallel threads

  • >240 successful releases

  • 3 latest browser versions supported

  • 2 latest versions of iOS and Android supported

  • 250+ API tests created

  • Tests are executed across 4 environments including Production

During the first 7 months of the partnership, DeviQA ran over 700 application tests with their solution, leading to a 35% bug reduction in the production environment. The team’s services ensured the quality of the product prior to its delivery to end customers.

Vas Bouras

Program Manager

Our contribution


4 QA Full-Stack Engineers

Project length

Since 2018

Technologies and tools











Apache JMeter



Our engagement

The DeviQA team established a robust automation testing process from scratch using the latest technology stack. Our engineers wrote over 1.5k automation test scripts covering web, mobile, API, and load testing. The implementation of a CI/CD process enabled running up to 20 parallel automated tests for web and API. This allowed the team to execute smoke and regression test suites faster, which was crucial for rapid delivery of new versions.

For mobile apps, automated tests were created to cover critical areas and user flows, resulting in a more than 50% reduction in the time needed for smoke and regression testing.

The team developed an internal testing tool integrating various third-party services. This tool could transform client audio recordings into readable text, analyzing correctly recognized words in the audio file.

In addition to technical contributions, the DeviQA team actively engaged in scrum meetings, providing valuable insights and offering improvements to the development and product teams. The engineers demonstrated adaptability and responsiveness to client requests, swiftly completing top-priority tasks.

Thanks to these efforts, the DeviQA team ran smoke and regression test suites in record time, playing a crucial role in delivering the new product version within the shortest possible time.

Services provided

Web Automation Testing

DeviQA engineers have developed over 1400 automation scripts covering all essential user actions. These scripts run concurrently across 20 separate threads, enabling us to complete the smoke testing in just 10 minutes and the regression testing within 5 hours, which is considerable progress.

Mobile Automation Testing

Our team has implemented automated testing for mobile apps, with over 100 automated scripts developed for each platform. These mobile automated tests are seamlessly integrated into our CI/CD process, enabling us to build and test mobile apps from remote developer branches. Once testing is completed, notifications with test results are promptly sent to the development, product, and QA teams via Slack.

DB Testing

We have configured our automated tests to directly interact with the server’s database, due to which we can promptly identify significant issues after deployments or any database modifications. While the automated tests cover a substantial portion, approximately 90%, of tickets related to database changes, we continue to perform manual testing to ensure accuracy. Additionally, we've integrated automated tests to verify data correctness.

API Testing

In addition to automating tests for the website's user interface, our team also created specific tests to validate API requests. We incorporated API calls into approximately 80% of the UI tests to create and verify data efficiently.

Mobile/Web Testing

DeviQA’s engineers are allocated across five different product teams to ensure effective testing and enhance the overall quality of the project. Throughout every sprint, they actively participate in the development process, manually testing approximately 95% of the sprint stories.

More projects

Test coverage:


  • Web App Testing
  • Test Automation
  • API Testing
  • Dedicated QA Team

Abbott Laboratories

A global healthcare giant relies on DeviQA for end-to-end test automation.

  • 1 day to run regression testing

  • 1 day to run smoke testing

  • 60% increase in the number of regression tests and relevant test cases

  • >1500 automated test scenarios created

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Dev capacity:


  • Web App Testing
  • Automation Testing
  • E2E Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Mobile Testing
  • API Testing
  • Dedicated QA Team


DeviQA's team takes full responsibility for testing a real estate solution consisting of a web app and mobile apps.

  • 2 days to run regression testing

  • 10 minutes to run automated E2E testing on each pull request

  • 85% of the application is covered with test cases

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Test coverage:


  • Web App Testing
  • API Testing
  • Dedicated QA Team
  • Mobile Testing
  • Performance Testing


Setting up and fine-tuning a holistic QA process for a dental lab management platform.

  • A comprehensive test plan designed

  • 5000+ test cases created for the web app

  • 2000+ test cases created for the mobile apps

  • >20 various devices with different OS, screen resolutions, and browsers used to run regression testing

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