QA Team: 4 Senior Test Engineers
Project length: 5 years
tests designed
parallel threads
Jenkins jobs for testing
hours of work
headless browsers
major bugs detected

The Challenge

CipherHealth - a healthcare tech company that creates patient engagement solutions to improve communication. It is a platform for improving patient outcomes through care team coordination. When DeviQA started working on the project, there was a test suite designed and developed by the original dev team with some basic tests. The development team performed some basic checks of the new features, and as a result, missed bugs.

The task was to improve the quality of the product and decrease the number of missing issues. Also, the challenge was to improve test suite structure and to increase tests coverage. At the same time, by adding new tests, we setup continuous integration system to run tests after each deploy.


DeviQA developed the architecture for the test suites and setup automated testing processes from scratch. We configured and setup an environment for web and mobile automated tests. Within the timescale of this project, QA from DeviQA increased coverage of the application with the auto-tests which run on hourly and daily basis triggers on the CI. Also, to increase the speed of test execution, the QA team added possibility to run tests in multiple threads.

Performance testing was also a part of QA strategy designed by DeviQA. The suite and all scenarios were created from scratch using JMeter. Remote monitors were setup on the server side and configured to collect metrics. Performance tests were also integrated with Jenkins CI and after each run of the performance tests, notification with metrics and results were sent to the Slack channel.

The resulting performance was exceptional, as noted by the Product Manager.

As the project areas grew, our QA team (4 QA automation engineers) created automated tests for iOS and Android applications from the scratch. Smoke and regression tests were written and integrated to the Pipeline process on Jenkins CI.

Services Provided

Mobile Automation Testing

DeviQA designed the mobile and web automation test suites architecture, developed scripts for the scenarios created, integrated the tests into Continuous Integration process, which already existed on the project, and was responsible for Quality of CipherHealth products.

Dedicated QA Team

4 dedicated senior QA engineers joined the project to improve the quality of the products. They were quickly integrated into the existing model of work. Besides the fact that a solid development process already existed on the project, they proposed improvements which were accepted by management.

Web Testing

The team was not only focused on mobile test automation, they were also responsible for Web apps testing. QA engineers designed and created test documentation which covered more than 90% of tricky cases and was involved in manual web testing process too.

Performance Testing

We used JMeter as a main performance testing tool to understand how quickly the application responded, what number of users it could handle and how it operated under load. Monitors were setup on server side to get information about the CPU, RAM, and other metrics.

Client's feedback

I worked closely with DeviQA and I can say that I am more than satisfied with the excellent performance during the project (setting up an automated QA process), the impeccable communication skills and the focus on deadlines and schedule. I would definitely work with DeviQA as a QA company in the future. Great Job. Thank you :)
Vassilis Bouras
VP of Product, CipherHealth